ANA Value Vouchers

Use Vouchers for Flights in Japan

As a valued ANA Mileage Club member, you can purchase domestic flight tickets with your ANA Value Vouchers.

Eligible Fares and Charges

All individual fares on ANA routes are eligible.

  • For flights operated by other airlines, only codeshare flights with ANA flight numbers are eligible. Vouchers can also be used to pay the additional fee for upgrading from Economy to Premium Class at the departure airport on the departure date.*
    *Vouchers cannot be used for advance upgrades on the ANA website (available two days prior to departure) or when reserving upgrades by phone.
  • Vouchers can be used toward special passenger and stretcher fees.
  • Applies to tickets that are issued in Japan.


  • Payment of group fares.
  • Payment of excess baggage, value added, pet or express baggage delivery fees.
  • Payment of cancellation or refund fees.
  • Other fares (such as Flex Fare for ANA Card Holder and AMC Companion Fares) are not eligible.


After receiving your vouchers, you can make a reservation using one of these methods:

  • Make Telephone Inquiry
  • Visit ANA Website
  • Online through the booking website:

Payments and Ticket Purchases

After making the reservation, please bring your ANA Value Vouchers to the departure airport to complete your purchase by the deadline noted on the voucher. After paying, an ANA e-ticket itinerary receipt will be issued.

  • For price differences, please use cash, Rakuten Edy e-money, ANA Gift Cards, ANA Travel Vouchers, or credit cards.
  • If the face value of the ANA Value Voucher exceeds the ticket fare, no change will be given.
  • Tickets cannot be purchased with ANA Value Vouchers by mail nor through the ANA website, the ANA Mileage Club Service Center, or member services desks.

Reservation Changes

Each purchased ticket is subject to their respective fare rules, and, reservation changes are not permitted for some fares. For those fare types that do allow reservation changes, please note:

  • Reservation changes for the same sector are accepted until the departure of the originally reserved flight.
  • Requests for reservation changes and cancellations are handled by the ANA Mileage Club Service Center and the member services desks. Please state that you are using ANA Value Vouchers when calling.
  • Requests for reservation changes and cancellations cannot be made through the ANA website.
  • Destination changes and changes to flights which are operated by other airlines are not permitted.

Price Differences

  • Prices for Flex Fares are set seasonally and may differ when the flight or departure date is changed, resulting in price adjustments.
  • If the fare increases, please use cash, Rakuten Edy e-money, ANA Gift Cards, ANA Travel Vouchers, or credit cards to pay the balance if there are any price differences.
  • If the fare decreases, price differences will be refunded up to the amount paid by means other than ANA Value Vouchers.
  • Please note that reservation changes may not be possible when using the various discount fares.


Amounts which are paid with ANA Value Vouchers will not be refunded in the form of cash, ANA Value Vouchers, or mileage credit.

  • Cancellation and refund charges will be deducted from the amount paid by means other than ANA Value Vouchers.
  • In special circumstances (such as flight cancellations due to weather, equipment malfunctions or customer illness), ANA Value Vouchers will be returned.*
    *Cancellation and refund charges will not be deducted from the amount paid by means other than ANA Value Vouchers.


Receipts for flight ticket purchases do not typically include amounts paid with ANA Value Vouchers. If you wish to receive a receipt for the full amount (including ANA Value Vouchers), we can issue an entire payment breakdown on request.

  • Receipts can also be issued by self-service check-in machines at the airport.