ANA Value Vouchers

Use Vouchers to Purchase Items In-Flight

As a valued ANA Mileage Club member, you can pay for items on the plane (e.g., food and drink) with ANA Value Vouchers.

Eligible Products

  • In-flight sales items (including duty-free items, food and drink) that are sold on domestic and international flights with ANA flight numbers, as well as on Air Japan flights.
  • For international codeshare flights, eligibility is limited to flights operated by ANA or Air Japan aircraft.
  • Exclusions: Domestic codeshare flights operated by other airlines.


  • Please use cash, ANA Gift Cards, ANA Travel Vouchers, ANA Diamond Service Domestic/International In-flight Sales Coupons, or credit cards to pay the remaining balance.
  • The ANA Card discount can also be used together with ANA Value Vouchers for unit prices of JPY 1,000 (including tax) or more.
  • The ANA Card discount will be applied to the remaining balance after the ANA Value Vouchers have been used.
  • Change will not be provided if the face value of the ANA Value Vouchers exceeds the amount due.
  • ANA Value Vouchers cannot be used with other discounts.

Mileage Accrual

Customers who purchase in-flight sales items (including duty-free items) with ANA Value Vouchers can earn 1 mile for every JPY 100 spent.

woman in an airplane cabin