Secret San’in

Most Romantic and mythological area in Japan


Wonders of San'in

Just when you thought Japan couldn't get any more fascinating, along comes the ancient, romantic and mythological San'in region.

Blessed with sweeping landscapes, unexpected sand dunes, and a wild coast embracing the Sea of Japan, the area includes the prefectures of Tottori and Shimane, and the northern part of Yamaguchi.

Deeply connected to Japan's intriguing history and culture, this magical land boasts myriad important temples and shrines, and will simply bowl you over with its untapped beauty.

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Recommended Routes

Need help planning your San'in trip? Choose from the recommended routes below, which offer itinerary ideas including a short 2-day adventure, a longer 4-day trip from eastern Tottori to Western Shimane, and a 3-day trip around Iwami (Western Shimane) featuring a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Basic Plan

San'in & Iwami Plan

Featured in Iwami Plan

San'in Arts & Cultur Plan

From Tokyo, Kansai, Hiroshima/Okayama,

Access & Local Transportation

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