Chart of Cable Cords for PCs

Chart of Cable Cords for PCs

Please refer to the "Guide on How to Use Portable PC Batteries" for more instructions.


PC Name Type Plug Code
Travel Mate 331 T B1
Aspire 7745G, 5745G, 5741, 3820T, one753 B2


PC Name Type Plug Code
Macintosh PowerBook 1400c-series, PowerBook 2400c-series, PowerBook 3400c-series PowerBook G3-series, PowerBook (FireWire) series PowerBook Duo 230, Duo 270, Duo 280, Duo 2300 iBook 300, 366, 466 (first generation model only) B5
PowerBook G4-series, iBook series (from Dual USB onwards) (not including MacBook series.Some foreign models are not compatible.) B7


PC Name Type Plug Code


PC Name Type Plug Code
E P700/10X/192/20/C/P2 B4
Presario 1245, 1200XL(S12XL123), 1400(14XL343, 14XL344, 14XL346) 1600, 1600XL(S16XL143, S16XL146, S16XL257, S16XL258) 1700(17XL367, 17XL368) B2


PC Name Type Plug Code
Inspiron 2500, 3700, 3800, 4000, 5000, 5000e, 7500, 8000 B8
Latitude C-series (C400, C510, C600, C610, C800, C810) CP-series, CPi-series (300ST, 300XT, 366XT, A400XT) CPt-series , CPx-series (H500GT), CS-series, CSx-series V710, V740 B8


PC Name Type Plug Code
Endeavor TK-300 A3


PC Name Type Plug Code
Step Note VA4100J, VA4300J B2


PC Name Type Plug Code
BIBLO LCE50, MG30, MG50S, MG50T, MG50T/V, MG50U, MG50UV, MG50X, MG50Y, MG55RT, MG70H, MG70J, MG70M, MG70R, MG70RT, MG70ST, MG75J, MG75Y, MGG70, NB15B, NB15BT, NB40R, NB40S, NB50G, NB50H, NB50HY, NB50JY, NB50L, NB50M, NB50R, NB50S, NB50T, NB55G, NB55GT, NB55H, NB55H/T, NB55J, NB55JT, NB55L, NB55LT, NB55M, NB55R, NB55RT, NB55RTS, NB55S, NB55ST, NB55T/T, NB60LW, NB70G, NB70S, NB75G, NB75GT, NB75H, NB75H/T, NB75L, NB75LT, NB75M, NB75RT, NB75ST, NB90LW, NF40T, NF40U, NF40UV, NF40X, NF45T, NF50U, NF50W/V, NF50XB, NF50XW, NFG40, NFG70, NWG90, RE70, RS18D, RS55E, RSG, AH(700/5B, 550/5B, 570/5BM, 550/3BT, 530/3B, 530/1B, 52, 77, 56, 54, 42), EH30, DH(77, 54), NH(900/5BD, 77)LH(700/3B, 520/3B), SH(760/3B, 560/3B, 76, 54), PH(770/3B, 540/1A, 520/1A, 50, 74), MH(380/1A, 30), FH(99, 98, 77, 56, 54, 30) B2
BIBLO MC(2/40, 2/400X, VII23, VIII23, IX23) MF(2/40, 2/400X, 5/55D, 5/600R, 5/600W, IX26) MG(8/75, 8/800, 9/85C, 9/850, 10A, 12D, 50J) NA, NB(9/90R, 9/95, 9/95L, 9/1000, 9/1000L, 9/1130H, 9/1130M) NC(13D, III13, III16, VI20, VI20D, VII20) NE(33, 33E, 36L, 36L1, 36L3, 36LA, 36X, 331, 2/40, 2/43L, 2/43LR, 2/45 2/450L, 2/450LR, 3/45L, 3/45W3, 4/50D3, 4/60R3, 4/600R 5/55RK, 5/60C, 5/60D, 5/600R, 5/650D, 5/650R, 5/800HR 6/60C, 6/65R, 6/650R, 6/750R, 6/850HB VII20, VII20D, VII23, VII23D, VII23X, IX26, IX26X) NJ(4/45D,5/50R,5/55C,5/60R) NL, NP(III16, V16, V16D, V20, VII23) NR(IX26X, IX30L, VI30L), NS(IX26X, VIII23X) NU(III13, III13D, III16, V16, V16D, V16X, VI23, VI23D, VII23) 5100-series, 5200-series A1
BIBLO LOOX LS80B, LS80BW, P70, Q70, S5/53, S5/53W, S8/70, S8/70W S73AW, T5, T5/53W, T5/533, T55, T60, T70, T75, T8, T86AW, T9, U50X A1
Pen Centra 130 (Win CE Version) A1
LIFEBOOK 270LS, 273LS, 610MG, 612MG, 613MG, 645, 650, 655, 660, 665, 670MC, 675MG 680MC, 780MT, 820MG, 820MT, 830MG, 830MT 6100MG, 6500MF, 6500NU, 6600MF, 6600NU, 6650MR, 6650NU, 6700MF9, 6700NU9 6750MR, 6750NA, 6800MG, 6850NA, 7090MT, 7130MG B8200, B8220, B8400, P8210, P8240, Q8230, Q8240, S8200, S8300, U8240 A1
LIFEBOOK 610NU, 612NU, 665NU, 685NU, 686NU, 715NU, 716NU, 718NU, 820MG, 820NA, 830MG, 6113NA, 6120NA, 6120NU, 6650NA, 6750NA, 6866NU, 7140MR, 7160NU, 7170NU, 7515NU, A8230, A8270, A8280, C8200, C8210, C8220, C8250, E8110, E8210, E8300, S8125, S8205, S8220, S8225, S8305, T8210, T8220 B2


PC Name Type Plug Code
FLORA Prius 200C5TMP *1 B2
FLORA Prius Note 210, 220, 250, NS1 A3
20R (2TC, 4TC, 4TD, 4TR) B4
Prius Air 100F B2
Prius Gear 150H2LMC, 150H2LVCT B4
Prius note 20L, 20M B1
200E, PN31K4T, PN33K, PN33K1S, PN33M, PN37K1S B2

*1 Cannot be used for models with built-in nickel hydrogen batteries.


PC Name Type Plug Code
ThinkPad i-1459 B1
235, 240, 380, 385, 390, 535, 560, 570, 600, 600E, 700E, 700ED, T20 240Z (2609-71J, 2609-72J, 2609-81J, 2609-82J), A20p, A21e, A30, A31P R32, R40e, R50p, R52, S30, T20, T23, T30, T43, X20, X41, TransNote A3
ThinkPad i-series 1157, 1200 (1161-41J, 1161-71J, 1161-234, 1161-264), 1800, 2000 (1161-234) A3


PC Name Type Plug Code
MPX710 (NT310K) B2


PC Name Type Plug Code
SA 1F Series, 5-series B2


PC Name Type Plug Code


PC Name Type Plug Code
Apricot AL300 B2

Mous computer

PC Name Type Plug Code
m-Book T, D, G, P, F, B, M B2


PC Name Type Plug Code
LaVie C LC (50H/34DA1, 60H/54DR, 500J/34DR, 600J/54DC, 600J/54DR, 700J/54DR,800J/54ER) A3
LaVie F LF750/7D B2
LaVie J LJ300A2, LJ700/7, LJ5002D, LJ (5003E, 5004D, 7003F, 7004F) B2
LaVie L LL (350AD, 370HD, 370/K, 500/6D, 500AD, 550WG, 530WH, 700/7D, 700FD, 700GD, 700GD1Y, 750/7D, 750FD, 770FG, 790FD, 900/7D, 900FD, 950/7D, 3004F, 5003D, 5004D, 5009D, 5504D, 7003D, 7004D, 7004DW, 7503D, 7509D, 9009D, 870CS, 750CS, 770FS, 750FS) B2
LaVie Light PCBL33, BL (550CS, 350CS, 350FW) B2
LaVie M LM500/7D, LM600J52DB, LM600J52DC, LM700/7E, LM5001D, LM5002D, LM5003E, LM7001D A2
LM (40H32D1, 50H52DC, 50H62DC, 500J32D2) A5
LM700J62DH B6
LM (350V, 750FS, 550FS) B2
LaVie MX LX (60T5, 60T/51EC, 60T6S1EC) A5
LaVie N LN3009DW A2
LaVie NX LA500, LT (23, 30D/5, 34A, 44A) A2
LB20/30A, LB20/40A A1
LB26C B1
LB30C B4
LB (33H, 400) A5
LW (23, 30, 33, 36H, 40H, 46H, 450) B2
LaVie RX LR300/8D, LR500/9D, LR500/AD, LR700/8E A2
LaVie S LS (50H/34DV, 50H/34DV2, 50H/34DW, 50H/34DW2, 55H/54DV, 55H/54DW 65H64DH, 600J/55DV, 800J/56DH, 7009D, 550CS, 350CS, 150CS, 550FS, 350FS, 170HS, 150FS, 200FS) B2
LaVie T LT5002D A1
LaVie U LU (45L3SB, 50L54DC, 700R63DC, 700R63DR, 700R64DV) B2
LaVie Z LZ3001A A5
mobio MB12, MB20 A1
VersaPro VA26D A3
VA (50J, 60J), VA85J/AF, VJ16HB, 17FLX, 22AF, 22M, VY20M, 25 A5
VA80 A1
VJ14MFD2, VJ16MFD3 VA70RS, 80CH, 86H, 90JWX, 93JBH VJ20DF, 20DG, 20RF, 20Wf, 22S, 22X, 80BH, 80BW, 80M VY16T, 16XF, 17ED, 20DF, 20F, 22S, 22X, 80BH, 80BW, 80M B2
VersaPro R VA18XRXUJ B2


PC Name Type Plug Code
Mobile Pack III Libretto M3 A4


PC Name Type Plug Code
Let's note AL-N1, AL-N2, CF-02, CF-S21/51V, L1 (GA, XA, XR, XS) A1
CF-R3, CF-R4, CF-R5, CF-R6, CF-R7, CF-T4, CF-T7, CF-W2, CF-W4, CF-W5, CF-W7, CF-W8, CF-Y4, CF-Y7, CF-S10, CF-B10, CF-N10U, CF-J10T A3
Let's note ace AL-N3, CF-A44-EJ8, CF-A77 A1
Let's note mini AL-N4, CF-M32 A1
Let's note comm CF-A1R, CF-A1V, CF-C33, CF-L1A, CFL1-XS, CF-M1R, CF-M1V, CF-M32J8 A1
Let's note LIGHT CF-R1PCAXR A1
Let's note HITO CF-A2 (4H2), CF-B5 (ER), CF-M2 (C, EV, R, XR), CF-S (23J8S), CF-X1 (D, R, W) B6
CF-G1 A2


PC Name Type Plug Code
RW-A230 A5
Mebius MJ700M, MJ710R, MN-390-X26, MN-450-H23, PC-MW50J, PC-MW70J A3
CB1- (C7, M1, M3, M5, R3S), MJ (700M, 700R, 710R), PC-AE30L, PC-AE50L, PC-AE50M PC-CH40N, PC-CH40S, PC-CL1-5CA, PC-CL50G, PC-CS30J, PC-CS50J, PC-CS50N PC-CS50S, PC-CW50W, PC-CW60, PC-FS1, PC-GP1, PC-GP2, PC-MC1- (3CA, 3CC) PC-MC30, PC-MC30F, PC-MP5BG7, PC-MP40H, PC-MP50G, PC-MP70G, PC-MR40J PC-MR50H, PC-MR80H, PC-MV1- (5CA, VC1, VC4), PC-RJ9, PC-RJ900V, PC-SX1 PC-WA50K, PC-WA70K, PC-WA80, PC-WE40S, PC-WE50S, PC-WT50W, PC-WZ50W B2
PC-BJ100M, PC-FJ (40, 100R, 100V), PC-PJ (120H, 120S, 140H, 140S) B1
CB-MT1- (H1, H1S, H3, H3R, H3S, H5, HT5R) PC-MM (25NE, 50F), PC-MM1- (H1W, H3E, H4E, H6W) PC-MM2-5NE, PC-MT2- (F1, S3), PC-PJ1, PJ2, PJ2-S2 A5
MN-395-C33 A1
Telios HC-AJ1, AJ2, AJ3 A5
HC-VJ1C, VJ2C, PJ-FJ (20, 30, 120C, 120M, 140M, 140R, 160M) B4


PC Name Type Plug Code
VAIO PCG-777BP PCG-881, 881/BP, 883, 885, 887, 887/BP2, 888 PCG-F (23/BP, 26/BP, 60/BP, 66/BPK), PCG-FX (77S/BP, 77V/BP, 99V/BP) PCG-R505 (F/BD, FR, FR/D, J/BD) PCG-XR (1E/BP, 7E/K, 9E/K, 100E/K) PCG-Z505 (D, DX, F, FX, G/BP, GR/K, J/BP, JL, JX, NR) B3 *2
PCG-505EX, 505EX/64, 505G, 505GX, 505GX/4G, 505X, 505X/64 PCG-505R, 505RS, 505RX, 505S, 505SX, 505V, 505V/CBX PCG-C1MR/BP, C1MR/X, C1MSX, C1MZX, C1R, C1S PCG-GR3F/BP, GR5F/BP, GR9/K, GRS, GT1 PCG-SR1/BP, SR1C/BP, SR1M/BP, SR9/GK, SR9/K, SR9C/K PCG-SRX3/BD, SRX3F, SRX7E/P PCG-TR1B, TR1P, TR2B, TR2E, TR3/B, TR3E/B PCG-U1, U3, V505B, V505E/B, V505F/B, VX7/BD, VX9/P PCG-VGNT51BL, VGNT71BL, VGNT71BT, Z1/P, Z1R/P VGN-G1KAP, G1LAP, TT53, TX52B/B, TX72B/B, U50, UX70, UX71, UX90, UX91, VPC(F139FJ, F138FJ, EB39FJ, EB38FJ, EB37FJ, EB36FJ, Z139FJ, S139FJ, Y219FJ, M129AJ, F229FJ) VPC(F238FJ, F237FJ, F236FJ, CB38FJ, EH29FJ, EH28FJ, EH-26FJ, EL25FJ, EG24FJ, SE19FJ, SB39) VPC(SB38, Z219FJ, YB39KJ) B6
  • *2 Some VAIO models, in which the AC adapter has a power voltage of 19 to 19.5V, may not be compatible with Battery B when the battery is fully charged.This will not damage your computer, but we recommend not using the battery.
    Do not use A1 cables with these computers.This may cause damage to your computer.


PC Name Type Plug Code
Afina AG353 B2
e-note 645t A3
M270 (TRX3), M380 (TRX4) B2
WinBook Trim A5
WL2120, WS334B, WA5514PB B2


PC Name Type Plug Code
PX100 B1
Dynabook DB45K/DC8, DB47K/2CA, DB47K/4CA, DB47K/4RA, DB55C/4CA, DB55C/4DA, DB60C/4RA, PABX51, PACX45, PAEX55, PATV64, PATX66, PAUX23KNU,T851/D8, T751/T8, D731 (T9, T7, T5), D711/T3, T551 (T6, T4), T451 (59, 57, 46, 35, 34), R731 (38, 37, 36, 10), R631/28, N300/02, PN3000 B2
A1, V1, R10170L7 A2
Dynabook C8-series 21DCMEN A2
Dynabook C9-series 212/PDEW, 212/PMEW A2
Dynabook CX-series 1212CDEW, 1212CMEW, 1214LDEW, 2213CMSW, 3214CDSW A2
45ELR, CX825LL B2
Dynabook M-series PAM3260CRE, PAM3275PRH A2
Dynabook PORTEGE 300CT, 7010CT, 7200, SS6000, SS7000, SS7020X, SS7020X2 A2
Dynabook Satellite 305, 310, 315, 320, 325, 2050, 2060, 2100K40/SCA, 2140, 2270, 2510, 2550S, 2550X, 2650, 4000X, 4010X, 4030, 4050X, 4240, 4380, 4600, Pro440 A2
Dynabook SS DB50CDC8, DB55C2CM, DB60P4RA, DB60P4RA2, DB65P4RA DB65P4RC, DB65P/4MC, DB70P/5MC, DS65C4RC, MX370LS, PAMX25A PAS4275PNHW, PAS5280PNKW, PAS5280PNLN PASX190NK, PASX190NR A2
3330~3490, S1 A4
Dynabook SS PORTEGE 3000~3300 A4
Dynabook SS (PX) DB55C4DA, DS50C/1CA, DS50C/1CCR, DS50C/1DAJ A2
Dynabook TX-series PATX2513CMSW A2
Dynabook VX-series PAVX2W15LDSW A2
Dynabook TECRA 530, 730, 8000, 8100 A2
Dynabook V-series PAV4493PMHW A2
Libretto 50, 60, 70, L1, L2, L5, LS A2
100, ff1050, ff1100, ff1100V, SS1000, SS1010 A4
QOSMIO E10370LS, E10375LS A2
T750/T8A, T560/T4A, T560/58A, T550/D8A, T350, R730 B2
  • ●The models listed in bold text may not be compatible with Battery A when the battery is fully charged.
    It will not damage your computer, but we do not recommend using the battery.


PC Name Type Plug Code
InterLink MP-C303-A A5