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Nature & Leisure

From the Mountains to the Sea

Surf desert-like sand dunes, revel in the untamed greenery of a once-sacred mountain and explore volcanic rock formations bathing in the Sea of Japan. From coastal landscapes to mountainous regions, San'in has a lot to offer in terms of nature, being home of two of Japan's UNESCO Global Geoparks.

A Treasure Trove of Nature and Outdoor Activities

Stretching along the coasts of the Sea of Japan and extending inwards to the hilly and mountainous areas, San'in has it all. Nature here is ancient and proud, and people work hard to protect it. Travel San'in and you will learn the story of how the presence of a Buddhist temple preserved a mountain.

You'll be able to explore wild forests inhabited by colossal ancient trees that have made it through the century, and admire the ever-changing coastal landscapes. There are many ways of enjoying the outdoors here, whether it's paragliding over sandy dunes or hiking through a forest.

Where to Visit

  • Tottori Sand Dunes

    One of the most unique experiences that you can have in San'in is visiting the Tottori Sand Dunes. The largest sand dunes in Japan are found just outside the Tottori city center. About 16km long, up to 2km wide and over 50m high, these stunning mountains of sand will leave you wondering if you're still in Japan.

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  • Daisen

    Mount Daisen is the highest mountain of the Chugoku region. Once a sacred mountain, it was prohibited to climb it until 150 years ago leaving its nature untamed and beautiful. Here you can enjoy a variety of hiking courses, cycling courses, ski in winter and farms that offer fresh local products.

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  • Mori no Kuni

    Mori no Kuni is a nature experience park located at the foot of Mount Daisen. Inside the park, you can play with giant swings, a massive green slide and a variety of field athletics courses, all while gazing up at Mount Daisen. There is also a barbecue corner, camping facility and a variety of activities to try. Some of the most popular are downhill cycling, hiking in the beech forest and shower climbing.

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  • Oki Islands

    Fish doesn't get much fresher than here: head over to the Oki Islands to enjoy a bowl of delicious seafood in one of the restaurants by the port. Local specialties include squid, bluefin tuna, Japanese amberjack and shellfish. Want a unique treat? Look out for the “nodoguro” or blackthroat seaperch.

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  • Kaike Onsen

    A beautiful seaside resort with white sandy beaches overlooking the Sea of Japan, Kaike Onsen features hot springs and traditional ryokan lodgings. Bathe in the natural hot spring waters rich in calcium and salt. Feel your troubles melt away as you relax and rest while listening to the surf.

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