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48 Hours Route

1 night, 2 days

Breathtaking Nature in the Oki Islands and Sand Dunes in Tottori

This two-day sample route will take you to two of Japan's UNESCO Global Geoparks. Explore the breathtaking nature of the Oki Islands, with its green mountains and century-old trees, and surf down the Tottori Sand Dunes, the highest in Japan. All this while enjoying delicious local food.


Day 1

08:40 AM
Arrival at Yonago Airport
09:30 AM
11:50 AM
Departure from Sakaiminato Port
01:13 PM
Arrival at Saigo Port
Dogo is the biggest of the Oki Islands
01:30 PM
Lunch by the port
Try the ultra-fresh seafood. Recommended: Kaisen-don (mixed seafood rice bowl)
02:30 PM
Explore the sights and nature of the Oki Islands
07:00 PM
Try locally made sake from Oki's fresh water springs

Day 2

08:25 AM
Departure from Saigo Port
09:58 AM
Arrival at Sakaiminato Port
11:00 AM
Stroll through Mihonoseki
01:30 PM
Lunch at Yonago city
Try Gyukotsu Ramen
03:30 PM
Arrival at Matsue Shinjiko Onsen and enjoy the nice view
08:40 PM
Departure from Yonago Airport
  • 1Sakaiminato

    This nostalgic port town is dotted with childhood memories for Japanese people. Stroll through Mizuki Shigeru Road and discover the world of GeGeGe no Kitaro, a popular manga series from the sixties featuring yokai (Japanese folklore creatures). Don't forget to eat like a local with some gyukotsu ramen, the soul food of Tottori Prefecture.

    Yonago Airport

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  • 2Oki Island

    Enjoy the beautiful nature and views of the Oki Islands In the case of an external site,it may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. . Here's a recommended sightseeing route for a half-day trip on Dogo Island. Start at the Funa-goya, traditional boat houses by the port. Head to Dangyo Shrine to see the beautiful Dangyo-no-taki Waterfalls. Get out to the coast at the Nagu-misaki Cape where you can gaze at the coastal panorama. Finally, visit Tamawakasu-mikoto Shrine and marvel at the Yao-sugi, an ancient Japanese Cedar tree.

    Yonago Airport

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  • 3Tottori's soul food

    Gyukotsu ramen is a hot noodle dish made with beef bone broth. In Japan, Ramen soup is most commonly made using pork bones, fish or chicken but here in Tottori this style of soup is more popular. The clear broth has a rich and fragrant taste, filling but not overpowering. It's accompanied by delicious noodles and carefully selected toppings that vary depending on the restaurant. Make sure you try this unique Tottori specialty.

    Tottori Airport

    Yonago Airport

  • 4Miho no seki -
    Miho Shrine

    Not far from Sakaiminato is Mihonoseki. This quaint port town offers nostalgic views with its old houses by the wharf. Overlooking the town is Miho Shrine. The stone gate marking its entrance is facing the sea, as the shrine is dedicated to the deities of fishermen and abundant harvest. Its treasure hall contains a collection of musical instruments that have been donated to the shrine. The view from the Mihonoseki Lighthouse is also worth a visit.

    Tottori Airport

    Yonago Airport

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  • 5Matsue

    Sail a 400-year-old canal system around the ancient Matsue Castle. Hear the stories and experience the culture as your boatman tells of the local history. You can also visit the castle grounds and tower, which offers a great view over the city. Discover tea ceremony in one of Matsue's many tea houses, as the town boasts a strong tea culture. At night, relax in one of Matsue Shinjiko's hot spring resorts.

    Yonago Airport

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  • 6Meimei-an

    Discover the unique Meimei-an tea house. Built by the Japanese Lord Fumai, it has a special feature that places the guest and host on equal ground and not separated by walls or pillars. While here, visit the nearby Akayama Sado Kaikan and taste the sweets and tea enjoyed by Lord Fumai.

    Yonago Airport

Route Guide

Route Guide;

Yonago Airport has easy access to Sakaiminato via the JR Sakai Line in just 20 minutes. You can travel to and from the Oki Islands via normal and high-speed ferry. There are very few boats scheduled per day, so be sure to check times in advance. Reservation is also recommended. For sightseeing on the Dogo Island, you can move around by bus tour or taxi. Car and bicycle rentals are also available. JR trains connect Sakaiminato with Tottori, and the Tottori Sand Dunes can be reached by bus from Tottori station in just 20 minutes. Getting to Tottori Airport from the Tottori Sand Dunes will typically take about 1 hour by bus.

From Tokyo, Kansai, Hiroshima/Okayama,

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