Washington D.C.

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Dulles International Airport (IAD) to Downtown Washington DC

  • "→" indicates the route.

Bus and Subway

Silver Line Express Bus and Metrorail Silver Line (Subway)

IAD → any Washington D.C. Metrorail subway station via Wiehle-Reston East Metro Station (such as Metro Center, Farragut West stations)

  • Platform: Silver Line Express Bus tickets can be purchased at the ticket counter located in the vicinity of Door 4 on the Arrivals Level (Mezzanine Level 2) of the Main Terminal. Buses can be boarded from the curbside outside Door 4. The bus will transport you to Wiehle-Reston East Metro Station where you can board the Silver Line subway bound for Largo Town Center, allowing access to all stations in the Washington D.C Metro subway.
  • Time required: Bus is approx. 15 minutes and subway approx. 45 minutes.
  • Fare: Bus is $5 and subway fares are $2 to $6 (You must buy a smart card "$2 card fee and $8 charge amount".)
  • Operating hours: Bus : Mon to Thu 6:00 to 22:20, Fri 6:00 to 22:40 (15 to 20 minutes intervals), Sat 7:45 to 22:40 (20-minute intervals), Sun 7:45 to 21:40 (20-minute intervals). Subway : Mon to Thu 5:00 to 22:40, Fri 5:00 to 0:10 (following day), Sat 7:00 to 0:10 (following day), Sun 8:00 to 22:16 (8 to 20 minutes intervals).

Metro Bus

Metrobus Route 5A

IAD → to Rosslyn Subway Station in Arlington, and to L'Enfant Plaza Subway Station in D.C.

  • Platform: Exit the arrival floor terminal and go to stop 2E across the road.
  • Time required: Approx. 40 minutes to Rosslyn Station, 60 minutes to L'Enfant Plaza Station.
  • Fare: $7.50
  • Operating hours: Mon to Fri 5:50 to 23:35 (30 to 60 minutes intervals), Sat 6:35 to 23:35 (60-minute intervals), Sun 6:35 to 23:25 (60 to 75 minutes intervals)


  • Platform: Take taxis from the taxi rank directly outside the main terminal on the curb side. Attendants can provide assistance
  • Time required: 35 to 65 minutes (depending on the destination or on traffic conditions)
  • Fare: Washington Flyer Taxi is $63 to $71 (tips are separate and are about 15 to 20% of the fare) to central Washington D.C.
  • Operating hours: 24 hours

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