Guide for facilities in San Francisco International Airport

Since the boarding gate check-in counters might be subject to change, please check at the airport to the day of departure .


  • 1 Immigration 
  • 2 Baggage Claim 
  • 3 Customs 

Arrival Terminal

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Please present your passport, Immigration Card, and Customs Declaration Form.
*You are requested to submit the Customs Declaration Form even if you have nothing to declare.Only one customs declaration form is required per family.
*Submitting the paper form I-94W (Immigration Card) for authorized travelers from nations participating in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), with an approved Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA), has been eliminated.


Carry-on luggage inspection

Passengers who plan to travel to the United States must obtain pre-travel authorization though ESTA by themselves before departure.See "Electronic System for Travel Authorization."


Departure terminal

  • 1 Check-in 
  • 2 Security Check/Fast track 
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Fast track security screening

[Look for]
Premier Access

-First class
-Business class
-Diamond service members
-Platinum service members
-Super Flyers members
-Star Alliance Gold members


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Customers who transit from ANA to United Airlines

After completing the arrival procedure, go to the dedicated exit for connecting flights (please be careful that the special exit is located at the opposite side of the exit for non-connecting passengers), then proceed to Terminal 3.

Customers who transit from United Airlines to ANA

Please come to the ANA departure flight gate from the dedicated passage for connecting passengers that links Terminal 3 (around gate F1) and Terminal G (around gate G1). If you have not finished with check-in, the ANA staff at the boarding gate will take care.

Customers who transit from another airline to ANA

Please use the free Air Train or walk to the ANA check-in counter at International Terminal G.