For passengers on flights departing after midnight

Thank you very much for flying with ANA.

As the airport check-in date and departure date are different for flights departing after midnight*, there have been cases where passengers have either mistakenly booked the wrong departure date or check-in at the airport one day late.
Airport check-in procedures will begin one day prior to the departure date for flights departing after midnight.
* "Night flights" are defined as flights that depart between 12:00 AM and 1:59 AM.

Flight NH203 departs from Haneda at 00:55 on April 1, so check-in takes place on March 31.
However, some passengers come to the airport on the evening of April 1.

Please make sure to check in before the airport check-in counter closes.
Note: The check-in counter closes 1 hour before departure

Arrival dates for flights departing after midnight

Please check the arrival date at your destination when making your booking.
Arrival dates are shown as follows on the Check Availability screen, so please check the schedule from Check Availability.

■When arriving the same day
No date displayed beside the arrival time

■When arriving the day before
"-1" (day before) displayed beside arrival time

■When arriving the next day
"+1" (next day) displayed beside arrival time

・Please see Airport Procedures for the airport check-in counter opening times and airport procedures.