ANA My Car Valet Service

With this convenient service, you can drop off your car at Narita airport and get it back upon your return.


The application period will change for those received from January 29, 2020 onward. Please confirm the application reception times.

At Departure

After making your prior reservation, please come to our partner car park, Central Parking Narita, and drop off your car with us. Your car will be kept in a special fully-roofed garage. You will be escorted to Narita International Airport on our complimentary limousine service.

  • If the garage is full, your vehicle may be parked in an open-air, ground-level car park instead.

On Return

When you arrive at Narita Int'l Airport, we will deliver your car to the car drop. Relax and enjoy a moment to unwind in the ANA ARRIVAL LOUNGE (International arrivals Lounge) while you wait for your car to be delivered.

Eligible members

Passengers who have purchased roundtrip flights from Narita Int'l Airport operated by ANA Group with an ANA flight number.

  • Passengers boarding on flights by Star Alliance member airlines or codeshare flights operated by the codeshare partner airlines are not eligible.
  • Does not apply to tickets for some types of fares. 
  • Tickets purchased at other airlines or travel agencies may not be accepted. 


(including tax)

Period ANA Diamond Service Member ANA Platinum Service & Super Flyers Card Member Others
up to 3days JPY 7,200 JPY 8,230 JPY 10,290
4days JPY 8,230 JPY 9,260 JPY 11,320
5days JPY 9,260 JPY 10,290 JPY 12,350
6days JPY 10,290 JPY 11,320 JPY 13,380
7days JPY 11,320 JPY 12,350 JPY 14,400
8days JPY 12,350 JPY 13,380 JPY 15,430
9days JPY 12,860 JPY 13,890 JPY 15,950
10days JPY 13,380 JPY 14,400 JPY 16,460
11days JPY 13,890 JPY 14,920 JPY 16,980
  • Please pay the service fee on the day you park your car at Central Parking Narita.
  • Additional service charges will apply when parking for 12 days or more. (Additional fee: 520 Japanese yen per extra day.)
  • The above fee includes consumption tax, the parking fee and other service charges.
  • You will earn miles when you use this service. Please check Earning miles for details.

Application reception times

After ticket purchase from 2 months prior to boarding until 6:00 PM on the day prior to departure from Narita Int'l Airport.(Applications received up to January 28, 2020)
After ticket purchase from 2 months prior to boarding until 6:00 PM on the day 3 days prior to departure from Narita Int'l Airport. (Applications received from January 29, 2020 onward)

How to Apply

Applications must be made in advance on the ANA Website.
You can apply in advance from [ANA My Car Valet Service] on the confirmation of reservation details screen after purchasing your ticket.

How to Use This Service

At Departure

  1. Come directly to our partner car park (Central Parking Narita)(*to Japanese page.) and deposit your car with us.
    (Your car will be kept carefully in a safe, fully-roofed, fixed-location garage.)
  2. After leaving your car, you will be escorted to the South Wing Departure lobby of terminal 1 of Narita International Airport by our complimentary shuttle service.

On Return

  1. When you arrive back to Narita Airport from your trip, please contact us by telephoning our special Welcome Home hotline below.
    Telephone number for return (paid): 0476-32-0655
    Reception times (Japan): 6:30 AM - arrival of final ANA operated flight (365 days a year)
    After calling, you will need to wait about 20 minutes for the arrival of your car.
    • Please contact an ANA Overseas Branch in the event of a change to your return flight while you are overseas. 
  2. We will deliver your car to the car drop located close to the ANA ARRIVAL LOUNGE (International arrivals Lounge) in the South Wing of terminal 1 of Narita Airport, without you having to come and pick it up.
  3. After you have been through Immigration and Customs, please go to the reception of the ANA ARRIVAL LOUNGE (International arrivals Lounge. Open from 06:30 AM to 07:30 PM, all year round) located in the Arrivals lobby. We will guide you from the Lounge directly to your car via a special walkway.
  4. Before you pick up your car, relax and enjoy a moment to unwind in the ANA ARRIVAL LOUNGE (International arrivals Lounge: fully equipped with drinks, snacks, showers, wireless/cable LAN, etc.).
    • Limited to one application per customer. However, ANA "Diamond Service", "Platinum Service" member and ANA Super Flyer's card member are allowed to use the lounge based on their status rules by submitting their member's card.
  5. In case of arrival after 07:00 PM, our representative will be awaiting you at the entrance to the ANA ARRIVAL LOUNGE (International arrivals Lounge) and will guide you to your car.
  • Services within this service that relate to use of the car park and pick up and drop off are provided on the basis of a contract between the customer and Central Parking Narita. 

Notes on Using Our Partner Car Park

  • The size of our special fully-roofed garages is as follows.
    Not larger than total width: 2,630mm, total length: 4,950mm, total height: 2,330mm
    • There may be cases when, due to the model (size) of your car, it will not fit under the roof, or when we are unable to accept your car for other reasons, so please confirm with our desk at the time of making your reservation. 
  • If the period of depositing your car with us is extended due to a change in your itinerary, etc. after your departure, we may be obliged to move your car to a different space (without a roof) for the extended period.
  • Please do not leave any dangerous, valuable or gold (precious metal) objects in your car upon your departure.
  • Please ensure that your car contains sufficient gas before dropping off your car with us.
  • Any damage to, or theft etc., from your car during the period you leave the car with us is subject to compensation according to the liability insurance policy of our partner car park.
  • The following comprise our Disclaimer regarding Customer use of our partner car park (Central Parking Narita).(Please be sure to read it carefully).


  • We do not accept responsibility for any damage to a vehicle which has not been subject to a joint check at the time of handing over/ leaving the vehicle with us. 
  • Regardless of the age of the vehicle, we do not accept any responsibility for trouble related to the internal combustion engine or auxiliary components (transmission and gas pedal) during the period of leaving the vehicle with us.
  • If a tire is punctured during the period of leaving the car with us, we will carry out repairs to replace the tire without the Passenger's permission in order to restore the vehicle's mobility, but all expenses relating to this repair/replacement will be borne by the Customer.
  • We do not accept any responsibility for valuable or gold (precious metal) items left in a Passenger's vehicle which may be subject to theft.
  • Passenger vehicles will be delivered from our partner car park to the special car drop on the Arrivals floor of terminal 1 of Narita Airport, and therefore, your car meter will have gained a few kilometers since the time of deposit. Thank you for your understanding. 
  • When being driven en route for Passenger collection, on rare occasions, a loose stone, etc., may cause damage to the front windscreen or side windows of a Passenger's vehicle, but we accept no responsibility for any such occurrence of an event of Force Majeure.
  • Should a Passenger's vehicle be subject to a theft, the Passenger will be compensated within the range specified in the liability insurance policy of our partner car park, but in the unlikely event that this amount is not sufficient, the Passenger shall be responsible for the deficit amount. 
  • We accept no responsibility for any damage caused to a Passenger vehicle due to riots or other acts of insurgency for which the car park company is not responsible, or for any Acts of Providence (such as typhoons, floods, snowfall, hail, lightning strikes, etc.). 
  • We do not accept any responsibility for Passenger vehicles after they have been returned to the Customer.