ANA Value Vouchers

Use Vouchers for International Flights

As a valued ANA Mileage Club member, you can purchase international flight tickets with your ANA Value Vouchers.


  • New applications will no longer be accepted for ANA Value Vouchers after June 30, 2022.
    We kindly request that you use ANA SKY COINS instead from July 1, 2022 onward.
  • * Customers who make an application by June 30, 2022 can use their vouchers until they expire.

Eligible Fares and Charges

  • All published fares are eligible, as well as applicable taxes and charges, for flights with ANA flight numbers (including connecting domestic flight sectors with ANA flight numbers).
  • Vouchers can be used toward special passenger and stretcher fees.
  • Applies to tickets that are issued in Japan.


  • Payment of tickets for flights operated by other airlines (including connecting flights).
  • Payment of excess baggage and pet fees.
  • Payment of cancellation or refund fees.
  • Payment of price differences related to the issuance of replacement tickets.
  • Payment of taxes, fuel surcharges, etc., when award tickets are issued.


You must state that you wish to use ANA Value Vouchers when calling, and your reservation must be completed at least two weeks prior to departure. Please note that using ANA SKY COINS is a convenient option if your ANA Value Vouchers have not been delivered yet.

Ticket service charges apply to issuance of international airline tickets. Find out more about Ticket Service Charges

You can make a reservation by calling the ANA Mileage Club Service Center.


How to make a reservation:

  • Step 1: Pay the balance when making a reservation by phone.
  • Step 2: Use registered mail to send the ANA Value Vouchers to the designated address provided at the time of reservation.
    When doing so, make sure that the vouchers arrive within one week of making the reservation or by one day before the end of the ticketing period, whichever comes earlier.
  • Step 3: After you receive the ANA Value Vouchers and payment has been confirmed, an e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt will be sent to you.


  • Please use cash, credit cards, or ANA Travel Vouchers to pay the balance over the value of the voucher.
  • If the face value of the ANA Value Vouchers exceeds the total amount for the fare, taxes, etc., no change will be given.

Reservation Changes

Each purchased ticket is subject to their respective fare rules.

  • Reservation changes may not be possible when using some discount fares.
  • Destination, itinerary, and service class changes, as well as changes to flights operated by other airlines are not permitted.


Amounts paid with ANA Value Vouchers will not be refunded in the form of cash, ANA Value Vouchers, or mileage credit.

  • Each purchased ticket is subject to their respective fare rules.
  • Cancellation and refund charges will be deducted from the amount paid by means other than ANA Value Vouchers.
  • In special circumstances (such as flight cancellations due to weather, equipment malfunctions or customer illness), ANA Value Vouchers will be returned.
    Cancellation and refund charges will not be deducted from the amount paid by means other than ANA Value Vouchers.
  • We will no longer be accepting applications for or issuing new ANA Value Vouchers after June 30, 2022.
    * From July 1, 2022 onward, a refund of 5,000 miles will be available for each voucher.


Receipts for flight ticket purchases do not typically include any amount paid with ANA Value Vouchers—unless otherwise requested. If you wish to receive a receipt for the full amount (including ANA Value Vouchers), please request it when you make your reservation.

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