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This page has information for customers intending to use an ANA lounge in Honolulu. Find out about the facilities and dining and drink options available in the ANA SUITE LOUNGE and ANA LOUNGE at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Hawaii.


Inside the Lounge

With its gotenjo (coffered ceiling) and tataki (concrete facing), the entrance to the lounge resembles that of a traditional Japanese house, but uses materials and colors that evoke Hawaii.
In addition to its refined, understated interior, the lounge is located in the area of the airport closest to the boarding gates, providing direct boarding access and maximizing passenger comfort and convenience.


On top of Hawaiian-style dining and drink options including dishes such as sauteed mahi-mahi and Hawaiian BBQ chicken, there are also Japanese-style buffet options such as simmered beef and tofu and ginger fried pork. You can also dine à la carte with dishes such as udon noodles and chazuke (rice served with tea broth).

Western-style buffet

Japanese-style buffet

Vegetable curry / Kenchinjiru (tofu and vegetable chowder)

Inaniwa udon noodles / Chazuke

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ANA Original Aroma

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