General Notes about Awards

Please review the points at the following links before using awards.

Refunds for Unused Awards

Mileage refunds will only be given for Star Alliance Upgrade Awards which have not been used. The refund charge will be waived and the miles used for redemption will be refunded to the mileage account. Customers who wish to request a refund must contact the operating airline directly prior to the departure of the originally reserved flight. Please note that such refunds cannot be processed by contacting the ANA Mileage Club Service Center or the ANA Mileage Club Star Alliance Upgrade Award Inquiries phone numbers.

Applicable Awards
Star Alliance Upgrade Awards
Mileage for Refund Charge
Request Deadline
Please contact the operating airline prior to the departure of the originally reserved flight.
Expiration Dates for Refunded Miles
The expiration dates for refunded miles will correspond to the expiration dates of the miles that were used for award redemption.
  • *Miles that have expired at the time of refund processing cannot be refunded.

Please confirm the Terms and Conditions as well as the Application and Collection pages when using award tickets.