Toward a society in which every person can fully harness their skills


ANA empathizes with and supports the aspirations of CROSS TEAM, which is developing a business aimed at "enabling people with autism and intellectual disabilities to connect with society through innovative ways of working and living".

Introduction of CROSS TEAM

CROSS TEAM provides an environment where people with disabilities can display their talents, create work opportunities and relationships with society. By adding the extra value of professionals in various fields to the talents of these people, CROSS TEAM develops a variety of designs, products, and services born from "co-creation". People with disabilities who are involved in design development are called "Challenged Designers".

A Challenged Designer and a Professional Designer are chatting in front of their art supplies.
The workshop(Professional Designer and Challenged Designer)
A Challenged Designer is painting an artwork using a paint roller and paints.
Artwork creation
A pattern of multiple layers of different shades of blue.
Original design

The reality is that people with autism and intellectual disabilities often face difficulties in finding employment.
However, by combining the " talent" of these people with the " skills" of professionals and experts, and through the process of "co-creation," the possibilities for participation in society can be greatly expanded. This is what "CROSS TEAM" is practicing.

In respect to this philosophy, ANA co-sponsored the "Challenged Design Collection," a co-creation design exhibition held at Haneda Airport Terminal 2 from December 1 to 20, 2021.
We were able to see how designs by Challenged Designers were adopted as corporate product packages and wall art designs through the skills of professionals.

Photo of staff standing in front of the "Challenged Design Collection" sign.
The "Challenged Design Collection," a co-creation design exhibition held at Haneda Airport Terminal 2
Profiles of the three challenged designers and their artworks are introduced, and T-shirts and eco-bags designed with their artworks are displayed.
A part of the exhibition

Introduction of a donation-type wrapping vending machine

The bottom half of the vending machine is designed with a pattern painted in blue paint.
Donation-type wrapped vending machine installed in ANA's break room

This is a donation-type wrapping vending machine that is gradually spreading. The Cross Team has designed and produced art works by Challenged Designer, and wrapped the vending machines.

The vending machines are installed in the break room of ANA office. A portion of the proceeds from the vending machines is returned to support the activities of people with disabilities, so that every time you buy a drink, you are supporting the social participation of them.

Adopted as campaign prize for "ANA's Furusato Nozei (Hometown Tax donation program)"

The ANA limited edition tote bag made of Kurashiki canvas designed by "CROSS TEAM" was adopted as a prize for those who donated to local governments through "ANA's Furusato Nozei" during the 5th Anniversary Great Appreciation Campaign (from November 17, 2021 to January 11, 2022).

The ANA limited edition tote bag has a design of blue sunflowers and aircraft shadows on white canvas.
ANA limited edition tote bag made of Kurashiki canvas designed by CROSS TEAM

Interview with the person in charge

We interviewed the person in charge of the campaign about the adoption of the "CROSS TEAM" design tote bag as a prize for the "ANA's Furusato Nozei".

What made you decide to adopt the "CROSS TEAM" designed tote bag?

"ANA's Furusato Nozei" aims to realize regional development by connecting local governments and donors, and we empathized with CROSS TEAM's co-creation philosophy of connecting talents. Also, the graphic design of the inspiring CROSS TEAM was very nice, so we adopted it.

What are the features of the ANA limited edition tote bag?

CROSS TEAM presented us with several designs, and we thought the sunflower was perfect for ANA, so we told them we wanted to incorporate the blue color, which is popular among customers. I was worried that using a blue color for the sunflower motif would look strange, but I was relieved to see that the shadow of the plane and the ANA logo created a good balance between the design and the color tone. It has been very well received by our customers.

ANA will continue to contribute to the realization of the inclusive society that respects diversity.