ANA Group employees as Santa put smiles on children's faces!


On December 19, 2021, with Christmas just around the corner, ANA Telemart Nagasaki Branch participated in the Tsunagu BANK event and distributed Christmas cakes to 96 single-parent families (273 people). This article details the efforts of the ANA Telemart Nagasaki Branch employees, who became Santa Claus for children.

Participation in "Tsunagu BANK"

ANA Telemart Nagasaki Branch celebrated the 10th anniversary of its establishment in 2020. In commemoration of this anniversary, they held the "10th Anniversary Marche"* and other in-house event, and wondered if the ANA Group could make a social contribution by using the profits from the event. After consideration, they selected "Tsunagu BANK" as the recipient of the donation.

  • *10th Anniversary Marche: One of the in-house event held at the ANA Telemart Nagasaki Branch, where employees worked together to procure necessary materials without spending money, and set up many booths within the company, including a bazaar of items brought by employees and sales of in-flight meals.
Selling in-flight meals at the 10th Anniversary Marche

The "Tsunagu BANK" is a project to support single-parent families and their children through food and goods bank activities whose economic situation may affect their dietary habits. Once every two months, a "home office" is set up as a regional base, where food and goods are provided free of charge, and professional staff provide consultation services.

For more information about Tsunagu BANK, please visit(only in Japanese)

ANA Telemart Nagasaki Branch participated in this event held on December 19, 2021 and distributed free Christmas cakes purchased with the profits from the 10th Anniversary Marche and other in-house events. In addition, the employees came up with ideas to make the event more enjoyable for the children who came, and prepared for the day of the event.

This is the second time ANA Telemart Nagasaki Branch has participated in this event, having previously distributed 340 Christmas cakes prepared with donations from employees in 2019.

Christmas Event Day Report

The long awaited day of the Christmas event has arrived. Employees of the ANA Telemart Nagasaki Branch gathered at 9:00 a.m. to set up the venue, bring in and box up Christmas cakes and items, and prepare the video, waiting for the doors to open at 12:00.

The venue being set up
Christmas cakes being boxed

The event has finally started. Boxes filled with chocolate and strawberry cakes were handed out one by one to the families who came to the event.

The Christmas cakes they gave out

In order to get children interested in ANA and airplanes, along with the box of Christmas cakes, they gave children specially designed origami paper to make ANA paper airplanes. The paper airplanes were also accompanied by heartfelt messages from ANA Telemart Nagasaki Branch employees. In addition, a paper airplanes class was held to lecture children on how to make paper airplanes.

Specially designed ANA paper airplanes with written messages

Children having fun with the paper airplanes they made

The event ended at 16:00, and they were able to give cakes to a total of 96 families (273 people). Those who received the cakes commented with joy, "Thank you so much, I can't believe how much I got! '' and also received comments such as "I'm so happy to receive cakes because it's my birthday today!" from two children whose birthdays happened to fall on that day.

Employees of ANA Telemart Nagasaki Branch who became Santa Claus for the children

The ANA Group will continue to contribute to local communities through a variety of initiatives.