Social Contribution at the Employee Cafeteria : Participation in TABLE FOR TWO


The cafeteria at ANA Blue Base (ABB), the ANA Group's general training center, has been participating in the TABLE FOR TWO program since May 2021 as a social contribution program that any ANA Group employee who uses ABB can easily participate in and sustainably work on.

What is the TABLE FOR TWO program?

Of the world's approximately 8 billion people, about 800 million suffer from hunger and malnutrition, while nearly 2 billion suffer from obesity and other food-related lifestyle diseases.
TABLE FOR TWO (TFT) is an initiative to eliminate this food imbalance.

When you purchase TFT menu items that are low in calories or high in vegetables to prevent obesity and lifestyle-related diseases, 20 yen per meal will be donated to school lunches for children in developing countries through TFT.
(20 yen is the amount of one school lunch in a developing country.)

Illustrated overview of TFT


ABB, the ANA Group's human resource development base, is promoting a variety of environmentally friendly initiatives, and has designated the 17th of each month as "SDGs Day" to raise awareness of the SDGs among employees so that they can act on them as their own. As part of these initiatives, ABB participates in the TFT program as a social contribution measure that anyone can participate in easily and sustainably, and provides an environment in which each and every ANA Group employee who uses ABB can proactively contribute to the SDGs.

ANA CATERING SERVICE CO.,LTD. (ANAC) has developed a TFT menu that is low in calories and high in vegetables to help prevent obesity and lifestyle-related diseases, and serves it on a daily basis at ABB's cafeteria. ANA Group employees who purchase this menu item will donate 20 yen per meal to school lunches in developing countries through TFT.

By choosing the TFT menu items, participants are contributing to the issue of food poverty in developing countries through their daily diet, while at the same time improving the health of ANA Group employees by eating a healthy diet.

Introduction of August Menu

"Healthy" Katsu-don
Wrapped summer vegetables with pork shoulder loin with grated ponzu sauce

Healthy meals are also available on board!

We are now offering "healthy" katsudon as part of our international business class snack menu.

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Interview with the person in charge

We interviewed Ms. Hoshikawa (Training Service & Planning, ABB), who is in charge of SDGs promotion activities at ABB, and Ms. Nakanishi (Cafeteria Business Section, ANAC), a National Registered Dietitian who devised the TFT menu, about their participation in the TFT program and their thoughts on menu development.

Left: Ms. Nakanishi, Cafeteria Business Section, ANAC Right: Ms. Hoshikawa, Training Service & Planning, ABB

How did you get to participate in the TFT program?

ABB Ms. Hoshikawa:
Since ABB has the role of a human resource development center for the ANA Group, we wanted to take the initiative in making efforts that would contribute to the SDGs. ANAC, on the other hand, has been utilizing surplus foodstuffs from in-flight meals and scraps from the in-flight meal production process in its cafeteria since the ABB facility began operations in 2019. We asked ANAC if there was a way to contribute to the SDGs through food, which is a familiar part of our daily lives, and ANAC was just considering participating in the TFT program organized by a non-profit organization. We decided to start participating in the TFT program because we believe it will provide all ANA Group employees who use ABB with an opportunity to proactively contribute to the SDGs.
ABB is also working on initiatives other than TFT, but I think TFT is good in that it is easy for participants to understand and take concrete action.
In addition, TFT results are posted monthly on our internal website and SNS, and I believe that the key to sustainable activities is that the results of actions are visible.

What are some of the features of the TFT Menu?

ANAC Ms. Nakanishi:
The TFT menu is original menu developed for this activity. The menu is designed with a high vegetable content and low calorie content in mind, since the calorie content per meal is usually kept lower than usual (680-800 kcal for desk-based workplaces and 720-870 kcal for factories and workplaces involving light work). While placing importance on the ingredients and appearance of the food, we also strive to provide a hearty, low-calorie menu that is good for the body by having more vegetables, which are often lacking in our diet.
The key point of the August menu is to be aware of the season and to include more summer vegetables.
In addition, the healthy katsudon made with Deats, an alternative food made from soybean okara/konnyaku, is baked in the oven instead of deep-fried to further reduce calories.

How do you want to develop the initiative in the future?

ANAC Ms. Nakanishi:
We believe it is important to continue TFT activities steadily and continuously. We would like to continue to donate 20 yen at a similar price range even in the face of rising prices for food and other items. We will also continue to consider new menu items that are more health conscious.
In addition to TFT, we will also contribute to environmental considerations through "food" by utilizing food residues and selecting environmentally friendly ingredients.

ABB Ms. Hoshikawa:
We will continue to promote understanding of the SDGs so that both ABB employees and employees who use ABB for education and training will be aware of the SDGs whenever they come to ABB and will be able to consider the SDGs as "their own matter" and act accordingly. We would also like to expand specific contribution measures such as the TFT program by collaborating internally and externally and utilizing a variety of initiatives.

The ANA Group will continue to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through various social contributions.