Duty-Free Shopping

Product list (ANA SKY SHOP)

ANA is proud to offer its in-flight duty free serviceswith a wide selection of goods available at reasonable prices.
Please check our ANA SKY SHOP Digital book for details.

【November-December】ANA SKY SHOP

【November-December】ANA SKY SHOP

Please check our ANA SKY SHOP Digital book for the product list in November-December.

*There may be cases that the digital book can not be accessible on some portable devices.

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  • *ANA SKY SHOP offers different products on different routes.
    Check the route of your flight and choose products.
  • 【POINT1】Use your ANA card for purchases to get 10% discount and accumulate miles.
  • 【POINT2】A great selection of goods at reasonable prices only available through duty free!
  • 【POINT3】Many limited edition items only available on in-flight duty-free shopping!

Recommended Item November-December

"In-Flight Shopping Order Form" information

Making the in-flight ordering process smoothPlease use the "In-Flight Shopping Order Form."
* Products cannot be guaranteed.Reserving products using the Pre-Order Service is recommended for ANA Mileage Club members.