For ANA Mileage Club members. Please regularly update your web password.

Thank you for flying with ANA.

We have been confirmed that there are suspicious e-mails and spoof websites that disguise themselves to be our company or group companies to try and steal our customers' personal information.

Clicking on the URL or accessing a spoofed website mentioned in the suspicious emails, as well as opening attachments, may lead you to a fake web site that requests your personal information. This could result in unauthorized access to your ANA Mileage Club membership "customer number" and "web password," as well as the misuse of your personal information and miles by third parties.

Therefore, we ask that you update your web password on a regular basis.

Therefore, we would like to kindly ask our customers to regularly update your web password as a precautionary measure.

Please note that ANA will never request our customers in any forms of communications to send your credit card number, PIN, or any other sensitive information.

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    Please make changes after logging into ANA Website.

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    If you have forgotten your "Web Password", or the "ANA Mileage Club Password (4 numbers)", please proceed here.

April 27, 2024
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