ANA Website Reservations and Purchases

Information on purchasing international flight tickets from the Hong Kong site. Applicable conditions and rules may vary depending on the website used.

Please confirm details before making a reservation.

  • ○Reservations can be made from 355 days in advance until 6 hours before boarding.Reservations can be made from 8:00 AM Hong Kong time. However, depending on the flight, it may require several more hours until a reservation can be made.The reservation deadline depends on the fare.The reservation may be handled differently for flights operated by other airlines.
  • ○ We offer the ability to reserve flights from other operating airlines on the ANA website, including ANA group flights (including international routes and Japan domestic route transfers), codeshare flights and transfers.Flights operated by other airlines, which are included as connecting flights, must be booked together with ANA flights.
  • ○The above-mentioned flights can be booked, purchased, changed and canceled.(Conditions apply.)
  • ○Special arrangements are required for the following customers, so you must contact ANA by phone.
    • ・Pregnant women who are due to give birth within 28 days of the time of boarding
    • ・Customers who have difficulty walking unaided and will require a wheelchair onboard
    • ・Customers who have vision impairments
    • ・Customers who have a serious injury or illness
    • ・Customers with a food allergy who require a Special Meal

      Special meals such as infant and vegetarian meals, as well as reservations for customers who have difficulty walking a long distance, can be requested via the ANA Website.
  • ○Reservations made with ANA by telephone
    [Purchase / Ticket Issue]
    Tickets can only be purchased from the ANA website.(A set fee will be charged for reservations made with ANA by telephone prior to ticket issue.)
    Flights cannot be changed from the ANA website.Please contact ANA by telephone.(Some changes can be made from the ANA website for award flights, if tickets have already been issued.Please check the details when booking.)
  • ○Please note that for your security, all pages requiring the entry of customers' personal information are protected by high security SSL.
  • ○Please enter an email address you can check at the airport on the date of departure and a valid credit or debit card.
    Accepted cards are as explained below.There are no restrictions on the card's issuing country.

    For ticket purchases, please use an applicable credit card or debit card.
    We accept VISA, VISA debit, VISA delta, VISA electron, MasterCard, MasterCard debit, American Express, JCB and Diners, UATP.

Other Points, Notes and Terms of Use

  • ○The schedule and aircraft type etc. are subject to change without notice.For reservations other than ANA Group operated flights, the applicable airline's rules will apply.Please note that a reservation may be canceled due to the purchase deadlines specific to each airline or due to a duplicate reservation.
  • ○In the case of an itinerary in which same-day connection is not possible, the customer will be responsible for their own hotel or other accommodation arrangements.
  • ○Please use your tickets in the itinerary order shown on the ticket, beginning with the departure.If the tickets were not used in order or if there were unused segments, the tickets will be invalid and you will be unable to use the remaining segments.
  • ○Depending on your card type, you may be charged a foreign transaction fee. For details, please contact your card issuer. This handling fee is excluded from airline ticket refunds.
  • ○Information on cancellations and refunds
    Please complete the cancellation/refund procedures before the departure of your booked flight.We will ask you to pay the cancellation charges specified in the fare rules.(Calculated based on the exchange rate at the time.)If a refund is due, we will refund the credit card you used when purchasing the ticket, in the currency used for the purchase.

    If requesting a refund on the date of departure or later, please contact ANA by the date listed below.
    [Totally unused tickets] Within one year and 30 days from the date of issue (time is based on the timezone of the country where the itinerary commenced)
    [Partially used tickets] Within one year and 30 days from the date of issue (time is based on the timezone of the country where the itinerary commenced)

    If a refund is requested within 24 hours of the ticket issue, no fee will be changed.However, the reservation must have been made at least one week before departure.

     Passengers who have changed the itinerary after ticketing are not eligible.

Please also read this carefully