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Ibara Denim Store

Experience the fun of crafting at the denim capital of Japan!

Ibara Denim Store, located inside the Ibara Station building, offers denim fabric products made in Ibara which have been highly praised by European and American buyers for their meticulous craftsmanship and artistry. In a section of the store, visitors can experience processing denim material into various items such as a clutch bag, tissue box, and table placemats.

Ibara Municipal Denchu Art Museum

Ibara Municipal Denchu Art Museum honors the achievements of Denchu Hirakushi, a master sculptor in modern art known for his portrait sculptures full of humanity. Born in Ibara, Denchu was awarded the Order of Cultural Merit and carried on his passion for creating art up until his death at age 107. The museum displays a range of his masterpieces, touching the hearts of visitors. The Denchu-en garden, a Japanese garden located by the museum, also provides a space for relaxation with picturesque scenery of nature changing with the seasons.


Ibara-zutsumi is a cherry blossom-lined path that stretches about 2 km along the Oda River, which runs through the Ibara city center. The famous cherry blossom viewing spot showcases the many faces of the spring flowers, such as their reflections on the river surface and mystical appearance at night. Numerous visitors flock to the area especially during the Ibara Sakura Festival, when the path is lit up with bonbori lanterns for nighttime viewing as well.


Name Ibara Denim Store
Web Sites (In Japanese) http://www.ibara-denim.com
Address 944-5 Nanukaichi-cho, Ibara-shi, Okayama
Access Right by Ibara Station on the Ibara Line
Business Hours 10:00 to 18:00
Closed Wednesdays (if Wednesday falls on a public holiday, then the following day)
Inquiries TEL: 070-5057-6070

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