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Yuda Onsen

Relax in the skin-brightening hot spring of Yuda Onsen discovered by a white fox

Yuda Onsen is one of the most famous hot springs in Yamaguchi Prefecture with a rich history of around 600 years and abundant spring water. The simple alkaline hot spring is soft and smooth to the touch, and legend has it that it was discovered by an injured white fox that nursed its wound in the hot spring.

Kitsune-no-Ashiato, the first stop in Yuda Onsen

Kitsune-no-Ashiato, which means the footsteps of a fox, is a tourist information center sharing various event and dining information for Yuda Onsen and the surrounding areas. In addition to tips on exploring the hot spring resort, there is also a cafe serving drinks and sweets using Yamaguchi produce and sampling of local sake, as well as three foot baths both in and outside the facility.

Yamaguchi Tanabata Lantern Festival

Yamaguchi Tanabata Lantern Festival is a traditional festival held every August at Yuda Onsen since around 500 years ago. Tens of thousands of glowing red lanterns line the main shopping street and station street to create fantastic tunnels of light around the town. Various events are also held during the festival.


Name Yuda Onsen
Web Sites http://www.yuda-onsen.jp/about/about-en/
Address 2-1-3 Yuda Onsen, Yamaguchi-shi, Yamaguchi (Kitsune-no-Ashiato)
Access Approximately 10 minutes' walk from Yuda Onsen Station on the JR Yamaguchi Line
Closed Differs depending on facility
Inquiries TEL: 083-920-3000 (Yuda Onsen Ryokan Cooperative)

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