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Traveling to and from Fukuoka Airport

On this page, you will find the information you need to easily make your way through Fukuoka Airport to your destination.

Guide to Japan’s Fukuoka Airport

Arrival and departure terminal maps and other information for navigating Fukuoka Airport.


  • Route to Airport from Fukuoka-kuko (Airport) Station (Fukuoka City Subway): After arriving at Fukuoka-kuko (Airport) Station, customers coming to an ANA counter should proceed to the 1st floor, whereas those using the Online Check-in and PREMIUM CHECK-IN should proceed to the 2nd floor.
  • Approximate amount of time it will take to check in your baggage. (See "New Service Information" below for more details)
  • Start of Use of New Bus Lounge from January 30, 2020
    Customers departing from the new bus lounge (boarding gates 81 and 82) should use the South security checkpoint.

Sales Hours for Flight Tickets

6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (JST)

  • * Some airport counters are either closed temporarily or operating at different hours.

Airport Map

Arrival Terminal
Arrival map of Fukuoka airport
Departure Terminal
Departure map of Fukuoka airport

Airport Information

New Service Information

With this service, you can see the approximate amount of time it will take to check in your baggage. Please confirm it before checking in your items.

Please check here for information on the current waiting time.

  • * This service is currently suspended temporarily due to reduced demand caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).


Make Your Travel Experience More Pleasant

We recommend confirming information on the Online Check-in, baggage, and other services to ensure things go more smoothly at the airport.

City Information on Fukuoka City

Fukuoka City is located in the western part of Fukuoka prefecture in the northern part of Kyushu and is the prefectural capital. With a population of 1,645,100 (as of February 1, 2024), it is the largest city in Kyushu. Since it is a city in Kyushu, many people may imagine that the climate is warm, but Fukuoka prefecture is the northernmost prefecture in Kyushu and its latitude is not so different from the Kansai region. The average winter temperature in Tokyo is 5.6°C (January 2019), while the average temperature in Fukuoka is 8.0°C, which is slightly higher than the average temperature. Please be prepared for cold weather by bringing along a warm coat. Torrential downpours often occur in the summer, and typhoons pass through in the fall, so be prepared for rain. One of the most popular sightseeing spots in Fukuoka is Kushida Shrine, to which Hakata Gion Yamakasa is dedicated. Ornamental Yamakasa are exhibited on the grounds throughout the year. The shrine has been nicknamed Okushida-san by locals and is the guardian of Hakata. Fukuoka Tower is a tourist spot built on the bayside. At a height of 234m, it is the tallest seaside tower in Japan. The observation room on the top floor overlooks the city of Fukuoka, and because of its beautiful night view it is recommended as a date spot. If you want to enjoy shopping, Tenjin is the place to go. In the Tenjin area of Fukuoka City, which is the number one shopping area in Kyushu, you will surely find what you are looking for in the many stores such as long-established department stores, cutting-edge fashion shops and electronics retail stores. Fukuoka has a lot of delicious food that you will keep you wanting to come back over and over. Some dishes that are famous throughout Japan are tonkotsu ramen (pork bone broth ramen), mizutaki (one-pot dish), motsunabe (offal hot pot), yakitori, etc. One of the characteristics of Fukuoka is the high level of its food so you may be impressed by the taste of the food in a restaurant you just stopped by to try. Also, when it comes to Fukuoka, don't forget about the food stalls. At night, lighted food stalls appear all over the city and are always crowded with locals on their way home from work as well as tourists. The stalls serve a wide variety of foods such as oden and gyoza as well as the standard ramen. One of the ways to enjoy the stalls is by stall-hopping, say, with the first stop for gyoza, the second stop for yakitori, and the third stop for ramen.

From Fukuoka (FUK) to Fukuoka City Center


Platform : The Fukuoka City Subway runs from the south side of the Domestic Passenger Terminal Building.
For those arriving on international flights, exit the Arrivals Lobby on the 1st floor, take the free shuttle bus from the shuttle bus stop, arrive on the south side (end point) of the domestic passenger terminal building, and then proceed to the subway.
For those arriving on domestic flights, go to the Arrivals Lobby on the 1st floor to and take one of the four elevators on the south side of the terminal building down to the subway.

Fukuoka City Subway - Kuko Line

From Fukuoka Airport to Hakata Station
Required Time : About 5 minutes
Fare : 260 yen
Hours : 5:45 - 0:00

From Fukuoka Airport to Tenjin Station
Required Time : About 11 minutes
Fare : 260 yen
Hours : 5:45 - 0:00


Fukuoka (Tenjin) to Kitakyushu (Kokura)

Nishi-Nippon Railroad (Express Bus)

Required Time : About 100 minutes (depending on traffic)
Fare : 1,350 yen
Hours : Weekdays 5:30 - 23:30, Weekends and holidays 6:00 - 23:15

From Fukuoka Airport to the front of Omuta Station

Nishitetsu Bus Omuta (Express Bus)

Required Time : About 90 minutes (depending on traffic)
Fare : 1,950 yen
Hours : Suspended

From Fukuoka Airport to the front of JR Kurume Station

Nishi-Nippon Railroad (Express Bus)

Required Time : About 55 minutes (depending on traffic)
Fare : 1,260 yen
Hours : 7:10 - 22:20

From Fukuoka Airport to Hakata Station

Nishitetsu Bus (Scheduled Bus)

Required Time : About 15 minutes (depending on traffic)
Fare : 280 yen
Hours : 5:51-21:56, Saturday 6:02-21:11, Sundays and holidays 6:02-21:10


Taxi Stand :
International Flights: 1F International Passenger Terminal Bldg.
Domestic Flights: 1F Domestic Passenger Terminal Bldg.

From Fukuoka Airport to Hakata Station
Required Time : About 15 minutes (depending on traffic)
Estimated Fare : Around 1,500 yen
Hours : 24 Hours

From Fukuoka Airport to Tenjin Station
Required Time : About 20 minutes (depending on traffic)
Estimated Fare : Around 1,800 yen
Hours : 24Hours

Rental Car

Reception Counter : Car Rental Information Center on the 1st floor of the International Passenger Terminal Building (not available at Domestic Passenger Terminal Building)
Business Hours : Hours vary from company to company; Toyota Rent a Car and Times Mobility hours are 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Nissan Car Rental Solutions hours are 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.