Modern architecture

The National Art Center, Tokyo

Roppongi, a busy and trendy part of Tokyo, is also known as a center for art. The National Art Center, Tokyo, which can be reached on foot from Roppongi Station, features an exterior resembling a wavy glass curtain. Designed by Kisho Kurokawa (1934-2007), an architect who worked on many art museums under the theme of coexistence, the building is environmentally friendly with its low-energy under-floor air-conditioning system and louvers over double-paned glass to block summer heat. It has attracted great attention as a cutting-edge building that realizes coexistence between architecture and nature.

Step into the entrance lobby with an airy atrium and you'll encounter two large, inverted cones. Surprisingly, there is a restaurant and cafe on top of these cones, which were also featured in the animated movie, “Your Name.” Feeling as if floating in mid-air, enjoying a meal or tea will never be the same.

Map of Japan. Tokyo located in the center of Japan

The well-supported glass curtain wall removes the need for large pillars in the center of the lobby.
Photo: ©The National Art Center, Tokyo

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