Traditional architecture

Kintaikyo Bridge

Kintaikyo Bridge, constructed to span the Nishiki River in 1673, is located in Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, a one-time castle town that still retains its stunning historic atmosphere to this day. The wooden bridge has been swept away twice in its long history, but it has been preserved thanks to the support of passionate local citizens, despite proposals to rebuild it with reinforced concrete. This magnificent five-arched bridge, with its three pronounced arches in the center, is one of a kind and was created with novel technology at the time of its construction.

This distinguished landmark of the city attracts numerous visitors for the beautiful scenery and activities that change with the seasons. Marvel at the cherry trees in full bloom in the spring and observe local traditional cormorant fishing from a covered boat that cruises by the bridge, which is illuminated at night in the summer. In autumn, the bridge becomes an even more spectacular sight with a vivid backdrop of colorful leaves. Just a short walk away is another beautiful spot, Momijidani Park, which never fails to impress with its glorious carpet of red and yellow leaves. Winter is another good season for checking out this bridge covered with snow, even if it snows only a few times a year. After taking a stroll over the bridge, how about visiting Iwakuni Castle, well known for its panoramic view of the city?

Map of Japan. Yamaguchi located west of Tokyo

The wooden five-arched Kintaikyo Bridge crosses the Nishiki River.

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Iwakuni and Hiroshima airports employ a multi-airport system.