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Information About Job Transfer Compo Requests and Making Various Changes

New Job Transfer Compo Service Requests

  • Please submit the request by 17:00 (JST) on the day 4 days prior to the departure from Japan.
    • *Request deadline of the year-end/New Year period and Golden Week is different from the above. We announce it at the notice column in online reservation of Job Transfer Compo.
  • The ANA Compo Desk is not available on weekends, national holidays, and the year-end/New Year period (December 29 to January 3).
  • Service Compo options have different request deadlines, so please make sure to check the details for each service option when making your selection.
  • If you made an online reservation after request deadline, The ANA Compo Desk will contact you to inform that your request is not eligible.

(Text is available in Japanese only.)

Confirm Request Details

  • For customers who wish to confirm the details of their request:

(Text is available in Japanese only.)

Change or Cancel a Request

  • Please inquire with the ANA Compo Desk.

Points to Note When Making a Request

*Please make sure to read this information.

  • *Please submit a request after making the reservation for the flight. Requests will not be accepted if a flight reservation cannot be verified.
  • *Additions and changes to service options are not possible after the request has been made.
  • *To request Job Transfer Compo services for your entire family, all family members must be ANA Mileage Club members.

Requests and Inquiries

ANA Compo Desk


Service Hours: 09:00-17:00 [JST; Not available on weekends, national holidays, and the year-end/New Year holiday period (December 29 to January 3).]

  • *Does not handle inquiries related to AFA Service.