ANA LOUNGE Campaign for Japan Domestic Flights

How to register for the Lounge Campaign

  • First, register for the campaign!

  • Board 3 ANA Japan domestic flights in a month with an eligible fare!

  • From the 13th day of the month after departure to the end of the following month, customers can relax in the comfort of the lounge!

Campaign Information

Customers who register for the campaign, board 3 or more ANA Japan domestic flights with an eligible fare and register flight miles to ANA Mileage Club in one month during the campaign period will be able to access an eligible lounge before departure.

Eligible Fare

Please board your flights with any of the fares shown below.

Premium Class Economy Class
  • Premium Fare
  • Premium Fare for ANA Card Holder (available to ANA Card holders only)
  • Premium Disability Discount
  • Premium @Biz (available on ANA@desk only)
  • Flex Fare for ANA Card Holder
  • Disability Discount
  • @Biz (available on ANA@desk only)
  • Caregiver's Fare

Campaign Boarding and Lounge Usage Periods

Deadline for campaign registration
Till 23:59 <JST>
Campaign boarding period
(one month each time)
Lounge usage period
(from 13th day of month after conditions are met until end of following month)
Deadline for retroactive mileage registration
Till 23:59 <JST>
Till January 31, 2019 January 1 - January 31, 2019 February 13 - March 31, 2019 February 2, 2019
Till February 28, 2019 February 1 - February 28, 2019 March 13 - April 30, 2019 March 2, 2019
Till March 31, 2019 March 1 - March 31, 2019 April 13 - May 31, 2019 April 2, 2019
Till April 30, 2019 April 1 - April 30, 2019 May 13 - June 30, 2019 May 2, 2019
Till May 31, 2019 May 1 - May 31, 2019 June 13 - July 31, 2019 June 2, 2019
Till June 30, 2019 June 1 - June 30, 2019 July 13 - August 31, 2019 July 2, 2019
Till July 31, 2019 July 1 - July 31, 2019 August 13 - September 30, 2019 August 2, 2019
Till August 31, 2019 August 1 - August 31, 2019 September 13 - October 31, 2019 September 2, 2019
Till September 30, 2019 September 1 - September 30, 2019 October 13 - Novemberr 30, 2019 October 2, 2019

Eligible Lounges

Airport Lounge Lounge Accessibility
Haneda Airport ANA SUITE LOUNGE ×
(Main Building South)
(Main Building North)
New Chitose Airport ANA SUITE LOUNGE ×
Sendai Airport ANA LOUNGE ×
Nagoya (Chubu) Airport Centrair Airline Lounge ×
Komatsu Airport ANA LOUNGE
Itami Airport ANA SUITE LOUNGE ×
Kansai Airport ANA LOUNGE
Okayama Airport ANA LOUNGE
Hiroshima Airport ANA LOUNGE
Matsuyama Airport ANA LOUNGE ×
Fukuoka Airport ANA SUITE LOUNGE ×
ANA LOUNGE (South) ×
ANA LOUNGE (North) ×
Kumamoto Airport ANA LOUNGE ×
Miyazaki Airport Lounge Oyodo ×
Kagoshima Airport ANA LOUNGE
  • * Lounges not listed above are excluded from the campaign.
  • * Lounge is not available upon arriving.

Lounge access period: From the 13th day of the month after the month in which campaign conditions were met to the end of the following month

Eligible customers: Registered customers who have met the campaign conditions (accompanying customeres are not eligible)

Lounge access time: Within the business hours of the respective lounge

Eligible Route

All Japan Domestic flights operated by ANA Group.

  • * Japan Domestic codeshare flights are eligible when the flight is booked with an ANA flight number(NH).

Eligible Customers

ANA Mileage Club (AMC) members residing in Japan who register for the campaign and board three or more ANA Japan domestic flights with an eligible fare during the campaign period.

How to access the lounge

If you have satisfied the conditions of the campaign, you will be notified on the My Campaign page after logging in to the ANA website (desktop/smartphone site) on the 12th of the month in which lounge eligibility will start.
You can also confirm campaign details here.


  • * Registration for the campaign can only be done through this campaign site.
  • * Registration by customers themselves is required by the registration deadline.
  • * Through one-time registration, you will be able to participate from the month you register until the end of the campaign.
  • * Please register your ANA Mileage Club number when reserving ANA Japan domestic flights.
    If flight miles have not been registered by the designated deadline for retroactive mileage registration, the boarding in question will not be counted for the purposes of the campaign.
    Please note that the number of flights will not be totaled if you hold several ANA Mileage Club cards and/or ANA cards and have not combined these accounts.For details on how to combine mileage accounts please see the explanations on the respective web page.
  • * You may not be able to use the lounge if it is full.
  • * Only customers who have satisfied the conditions of the campaign are eligible to use ANA LOUNGE through this campaign. Lounge access is available when traveling on any flight with an ANA (NH) flight number (including award tickets). Accompanying passengers are not eligible.
  • * Diamond Service, Platinum Service, Super Flyers and ANA Card Premium members are able to access the lounges without needing to register for the campaign.
  • * Customers residing outside of Japan are not eligible for this campaign.
  • * Please refer to the ANA Privacy Policy for details regarding the use of personal information.

How to Register

Click the button below and follow the instructions on the next page to register.

  • * Please note that you will be unable to participate in the campaign if you do not register.
  • * If a customer has boarded flights with an eligible fare prior to campaign registration, any of those flights falling within the month of registration will be counted for the purposes of this campaign.
  • * Please note that this promotion is only for ANA Mileage Club Member. Click here for joining the ANA Mileage Club.

Customer Support

ANA Mileage Club Service Center



From the options, select "3" for inquiries regarding mileage.

  • * Operating hours: Monday to Friday 9:00-19:00, Saturday 9:00-17:00.
    No service on Sundays, national holidays or New Year holidays (January 1 to 3).
  • * Campaign inquiry number:MKT2017-0606-105