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【Internet only】 February - March 2018 (boarding) ANA International Flight Awards Discount Mileage Campaign

Promotion Details

During the campaign period,members who reserve ANA International Flight Awards may use the Discount Mile Campaign (applicable flights of  Phnom penh, Hanoi and China route) to redeem their tickets for fewer miles.

ticketing period

This campaign can be applied only when you complete both reservation and ticketing within this period.
January 15,2018 (Monday) 14:00(Japan time)~March 8,2018 (Thursday) <23:59 (based on the point of ' reservation and ticketing country time.')>

  • * Reservations are accepted up to four days before departure (excluding the departure day).
  • * Tickets will be issued as soon as we are able to reserve all sectors of the itinerary for which you are using the flight awards. However, in the cases where there is a time limit for issuing tickets, the tickets must be issued within that time period.
  • * This campaign can be applied only when you completed both reservation and ticketing with all of your flights confirmed. Please be informed that the campaign can not be applied if you complete reservation within the campaign period but the ticket is issued after the period. In this case, we will issue the ticket with normal award mileage at ANA Mileage Club Service Center. (Online ticketing is not available)

Applicable boarding period

Phnom penh and Hanoi applicable flights : February 1,2018 (Thursday) ~March 15,2018 (Thursday)
China applicable flights : February 25,2018 (Sunday) ~March 15,2018 (Thursday)

Applicable flights and class/Required number of mileage

Normal mileage amount (Round trip) Reduced mileage amount (Round trip)
Narita ⇔ Phnom penh 35,000 28,000
Haneda ⇔ Hanoi 35,000 28,000
Narita ⇔ Shanghai (Pu Dong) 20,000 16,000
Haneda ⇔ Shanghai (Pu Dong) 20,000 16,000
Narita ⇔ Beijing 20,000 16,000
Haneda ⇔ Beijing 20,000 16,000
Narita ⇔ Wuhan 20,000 16,000
Narita ⇔ Hangzhou 20,000 16,000
  • *ANA international flight awards cannot be used for codeshare flights with ANA flight numbers which are operated by other airlines (except for domestic flights).
  • * Passengers with itineraries containing domestic connections in Japan are also eligible for this campaign.
  • * You need to use the applicable flights for both outbound and inbound.
  • * Itinerary departing from outside of Japan is also applicable.
  • * Itinerary including other airline's flights (Partner Flight Awards) can not be apply this campaign even if it includes applicable ANA's flights.
  • * Dual application of "<Japan area ANA card members only>ANA International Flight Awards February -March 2018 Mileage Back Promotion campaign"held at the same flights is accepted.
  • * The number of seats that can be used with Flight Awards is limited.
  • * Please be aware that Flight Awards may not be used in some cases, even for flights with available seats other than those for Flight Awards.

Eligible Member

ANA Mileage Club Members

Reservation/ Ticketing

Please apply through the Member's Exclusive Function page during the eligible reservation period after logging-in to ANA Website or ANA app, ANA MILEAGE CLUB App.
Reservations made via methods other than ANA Website and ANA MILEAGE CLUB App, such as by telephone, are not eligible for the Mileage Discount Campaign.

  • * The campaign can be applied only when your whole itinerary (reservation period, ticketing period, flight, class) meet the campaign rule and conditions.
  • * You may select either normal award or Discount mileage award.
  • * To use ANA MILEAGE CLUB App , download it from App Store (iTunes Store) or from Google Play.


■Changes and Cancellations

  • * Award tickets issued in the campaign are valid only for those booking flights. When changing those booking flights, additional mile difference between normal mileage amount and reduced mileage amount is required. (Even if changing to applicable campaign boarding period, mile differential is needed.)
  • * If all legs are unused, a fixed refund charge (3,000 miles per person) is required in cases when changing from Flight Awards with the regular number of required miles to Flight Awards with the discounted number of miles for this campaign.
  • * Award reservations already ticketed may be refunded only if all legs are unused.
    Refunded miles will be credited to your mileage account with the standard handling fee deduction of 3,000 miles.
  • * Miles cannot be refunded that are expired at the time of refund processing.

■Other Points

  • * Taxes, charges, airport user charges, fuel surcharges, and any other extra charges associated with obtaining and using award air tickets are to be paid by the award user.
  • * Flight Awards are not applicable for mileage accrual.
  • * Please refer to detailed rules and reminders regarding award tickets here.
    Please note that the conditions that apply to air tickets reserved and issued using mileage discount differ from regular conditions in some points.
    In such cases, the conditions listed above take priority.
  • * ANA Card Family Miles, which allows you to combine the miles of family members, can be used via ANA Website.
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