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ANA International Flight Award Usage and conditions for ticket issued by April 11, 2015.

We have changed ANA International Flight Award Usage and conditions for ticket issued on/after April 12, 2015.
If you have a ticket issued by April 11, 2015. please see this page for details.

Please refer here for ticket issued after April 12, 2015.


Two waitlisted reservations (including confirmed) for each direction.

Application Period

Until 14days prior to the departure

Acceptance time limit
Before issuance

Until 14 days before the departure

In case where your flight has not confirmed by above deadline, your entire reservation including confirmed flights will be cancelled.

After issuance

Until 7 days before the departure of the flight that you want to be waitlisted for or the departure day of confirmed flight for the same sector as waitlisted flight, which is earlier.

In case where your flight has not confirmed by above deadline, waitlisted will be cancelled.

  • * Passengers cannot reserve duplicate tickets for the same cabin.
  • * When flights are crowded, we may , in some circumstances, be unable to accept waitlisting reservations.

Issuing Open Tickets

The issuance of open tickets without a flight reservation cannot be accepted.

Making Changes to the Application

Approval for Changes
  • The departure date may be changed within the validity period of ticket. Changes are possible up until the date prior to departure.
    • * Changes cannot be make to itineraries starting within 3 days of ticket issue.
    • * Reservations cannot be made for departure dates more than 355 days in advance.
Disapprove for Changes
  • After application, the name of the passenger, and the name of the individual supplying the miles cannot be changed.
  • The airline, passenger, sector and route cannot be changed. Neither is it possible to change a destination.
    • * In certain cases where both ANA and Air Japan operate flights over the same sector, passengers may switch between the 2 airlines.
  • Your booked class cannot be changed except for the following cases.
    • If there are unoccupied seats in a class lower than the reserved class, passengers may switch over to the lower class. However, in such case, the miles difference between the higher and lower class will not be refunded.
    • For sectors where the ticket was issued using the mileage required for a class higher than the class in which the person who is actually traveling, the passenger can upgrade to the higher class if there are unoccupied seats. Passengers can upgrade to a higher class within the time limit for changing their reservation.
  • Reserved partner flight awards cannot be changed to ANA international flight awards.
Procedures for Making Changes

Passengers wishing to change the day of departure or seat class should contact the ANA Mileage Club Service Center or the overseas ANA Mileage Club Service Center.

  • * Changes at airport or Internet is not available.


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