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Partner Flight Award Usage and conditions for ticket issued by April 11, 2015

We have changed Partner Flight Award Usage and conditions for ticket issued on/after April 12, 2015.

If you have a ticket issued by April 11, 2015 please see this page for details.

Please refer here for issuing after April 12, 2015.

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Waitlisting (including ANA flights) is not offered.

Awards reservations must be made for all segments. Open tickets cannot be issued.

Making Changes to the Application

Change from stopover (more than 24 hours stay) to transit (less than 24 hours stay) or vice versa is permitted.
Approval for Changes
  • After ticketing, you can change your departure date within the ticket's validity period.
    • * Please note that reservations are not permitted more than 330 days in advance.
  • When changing your booking, you may be asked to pay the balance for various taxes including fuel surcharges.You will be informed the amount if there is any when changing your reservation.
Disapprove for Changes
  • After the application, the passenger's name and the person who redeems the mileage cannot be changed.
  • No changes in airlines, passengers, segments, destination, transit points are allowed.
  • Your booked class cannot be changed except for the following cases.
    • If there is seat available for lower class booking can be changed to lower class cabin. However, mileage for such changes is not returned when changing a reservation to a lower cabin class.
    • When flight award tickets are issued using mileage for an upgraded cabin class, booking change can be made to upper class when there is an available seat in an upgraded cabin class.
  • The Partner Flight Award is not permitted to change ANA Flight International Awards.
Procedures for Making Changes
  • Booking changes are only possible when changes are made through ANA Mileage Club Service center or the overseas ANA Mileage Club Service center during business hours. Booking changes are accepted from 330 days to 4 days prior to the desired date of travel (not including actual date of travel). It is not possible to change to an open ticket or to apply for wait listing.
    • * Changes at airport or Internet is not available.


  • Other than as stipulated in the "Refund policy for unused awards," redeemed miles cannot be refunded to a mileage account or redeemed for different Awards, even if Awards have not been delivered or used.


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