New Partnership with Olympic Air will begin on October 1, 2018

Olympic Air [OA]


ANA is pleased to announce Olympic Air as its new airline partner starting October 1, 2018.

Olympic Air, a subsidiary of Aegean Airlines, is a regional airline in Greece. With its primary base in Athens International Airport and secondary hubs in Rhodes and Thessaloniki, Olympic Air performs approximately 190 flights per day, travelling to a total of 31 Greek destinations.

<Earn Miles>

■Starting date of Mileage Accrual

From October 1, 2018 (JST)

■Eligible flights for Mileage Accrual

Olympic Air operated flights (OA)

Accrual rate according to booking class

Class of Service Booking class for mileage accrual Accrual Rate
Business Class A, C, D, Z 125%
Economy Class Y, B 100%
G, W, H, L, M, V, Q 70%
E, O, J, T, U, S, K, P 50%

■Notes for Mileage Accrual

  • ・Miles will be accrued to members according to the name that appears on the purchased air ticket and boarding pass.
  • ・The mileage accrual rate when using child fare is based on the boarding class of the air ticket in the same manner as when using adult fare.
  • ・Not eligible if boarding is cancelled due to any reason such as delay or cancellation.
  • ・Free air tickets, various special award discounts, and Flight Awards are not eligible for mileage accrual.
  • ・Some booking classes and operated flights are not eligible for mileage accrual.

For detailed information on partner carriers, please click here.

<Redeem Miles for Partner Flights Awards>

■Starting date of Flight Awards

From October 1, 2018 (JST), 4:00 PM (JST)

Reservation will be available for pure Olympic Air (OA) flights or in combination with other Star Alliance Carriers.

■Flight Award Details

  • ・Flight : All Olympic Air operated flights (using Aegean Airlines flight numbers)
  • ・Cabin Class : Economy / Business
  • ・Reservation : Reservation will be available through ANA Mileage Club Service Center and ANA Website.

For detailed information on award reservations, please click here.

<Premium Member Services>

For Airport Services when boarding flights operated by Olympic Air, please click here.