Article 1 (General Terms)

  1. The ANA Card Family Miles program described in this agreement (referred to herein as "Family Miles") is a special benefit of the mileage program operated by All Nippon Airways (referred to herein as "ANA") for ANA card members and their family members residing in Japan.
  2. Eligibility for the Family Miles service is restricted to ANA Card Members and their family members (individual ANA Card holders) residing in Japan.
  3. Definitions of terms and all matters not set forth in this agreement are set forth in the ANA Mileage Club Membership Agreement.
  4. Updates to the ANA website and printed versions of the agreement take precedence over all other agreements and notices.

Article 2 (Use of the Service, Terms of Membership)

  1. You must register for the Family Miles program after enrolling in the ANA Mileage Club to use of the Family Miles service. You will need the ANA Mileage Club Member Number provided to you when you enroll to use the Family Miles service.
  2. Registration is on a family basis, and Family Miles members include the Primary Member and Family Members (both referred to herein as "Members"). Companies and corporations may not register.
  3. Registration for and use of Family Miles is limited to ANA Card members and their families living in Japan while they reside in Japan.
  4. The Primary Member in principle must reside in Japan, be the personal ANA Card main card holder, consent to the Family Miles Membership Agreement (referred to herein as "this Agreement") and apply and be verified by ANA for ANA registration.
  5. Family Members must reside in Japan, meet all of the following conditions, consent to this Agreement, apply for registration through the Primary Member as designated by ANA and be approved for Family Miles registration by ANA. Those under the age of 18 and 18-year old high school students must be ANA Mileage Club Members and meet the condition in Item 3. Up to nine persons may be registered as Family Members (for a total of at least two and up to ten including the Primary Member). Cancellation of the Primary Member's registration or other loss of membership status will simultaneously result in the termination of Family Members' membership. Applicants must present documentation verifying birth date, relationship with the Primary Member and residence in Japan at the time of registration.
    • (1) The Primary Member's registration is effective;
    • (2) A Primary Member's spouse living and sharing a livelihood with the Primary Member or a first-degree relative of the Primary Member (parent, parent-in-law, child or child's spouse);
    • (3) A personal ANA Card holder or a personal ANA Card family member.
  6. Each Member must individually consent to Family Miles registration. (In the case of minors, the parent or legal guardian must also agree.) ANA is not responsible for any damage due to lack of this consent. ANA may also require proof of the family relationship described in Article 2.
  7. The Primary Member bears full responsibility for any damage or claims to ANA or third parties due to fraudulent application, including false or erroneous application information, improper use of miles or fabrication of Family Miles membership registration.
  8. Members may not obtain membership status by making multiple applications for Family Miles registration. Members who have made multiple Family Miles registrations will automatically lose all membership status.
  9. Persons residing in Japan are those possessing an actual residence address in Japan. You must register this address with the ANA Mileage Club.

Article 3 (Registration Method)

In order to register for Family Miles, the Primary Member must submit the completed application together with identifying documents to ANA or to Upon receipt, ANA will verify the application as described in Article 2 and register Members who are approved.

Article 4 (Registration Fee)

  1. There is no initial registration fee for up to nine Family Members.
  2. All changes or deletions to registered information will be charged a fee in the amount of 5,000 miles per person, except as otherwise stipulated. The fee will be deducted from the Primary Member's mileage account. Fees may not be paid with the combined miles of Members registered in Family Miles. If the designated fee cannot be paid, changes and deletions cannot be made.

Article 5 (Membership Validity)

  1. You will become a member and can use the Family Miles service once ANA has processed your registration.
  2. Family Members may be added by notification from the Primary Member.
  3. ANA Mileage Club Members who are Family Members reaching the age of 18 may continue to use Family Miles by becoming a personal ANA Card holder or a personal ANA Card family member within the dates specified by ANA.

Article 6 (Loss of Membership Status)

  1. The Primary Member must submit a cancellation notice in order to cancel a Member's Family Miles registration. In the event that the Primary Member cancels his or her own registration, all Family Members will simultaneously lose their membership status.
  2. In the event that a Member relocates outside of Japan, the Primary Member must complete the cancellation procedure described in the preceding clause without delay, in accordance with Clause 3 of Article 2.
  3. In the event that all Family Members cancel their registration, the Primary Member's registration will also be canceled automatically.
  4. ANA Mileage Club Members who are Family Members must complete the procedures described in Clause 3 of Article 5 or automatically lose membership status upon reaching the age of 18.
  5. In addition to the above, Members who no longer meet the conditions in Article 2 will also lose membership status.
  6. Membership status will be lost when ANA considers cancellation procedures to have been completed.
  7. In the event of any of the following, ANA may cancel the Member's or all Family Miles Members' registration without notice or warning.
    • (1) Fraudulent declarations, including falsification of information in the registration application
    • (2) Violation of this Agreement or the ANA Mileage Club Membership Agreement
    • (3) Other reasonable grounds, including loss of trust, for which ANA considers membership inappropriate

Article 7 (Other Regulations)

  1. Family Miles notifications and other documents will be sent to the address specified as the ANA Mileage Club contact address.
  2. In the event of fraudulent use of benefits, violation of this Agreement, the ANA Mileage Club Membership Agreement or its procedures, falsification of information or other actions by a person registered for Family Miles that significantly damage the trust relationship with ANA, the Primary Member and all Family Members will lose their Family Miles as well as their ANA Mileage Club membership status, and may be subject to the measures stipulated in Article 29 of the ANA Mileage Club Membership Agreement.
  3. Regardless of loss of Family Miles membership due to notification by the Member or relocation outside of Japan, the Member shall retain ANA Mileage Club membership.

Article 8 (Types of Awards)

Members may pool the miles held by the entire registered family and redeem them for the following awards. These awards may change without notice.

  1. ANA International Flight Awards
  2. ANA Domestic Flight Awards
  3. ANA International Upgrades
  4. Partner Airline Awards

Article 9 (Award Eligibility and Scope)

Eligibility for award benefits is restricted to persons related within the second degree of the Primary Member. Separate Award User registration is required to use Awards. When registering people other than those registered for Family Miles, you may be asked to submit documents proving a family relationship.

Article 10 (Award Redemption)

Requests for Family Miles awards must be made at an ANA Mileage Club Service Center within Japan. Requests must be made by the Primary Member with the consent of Family Members. Family Members may not request awards.

Article 11 (Restrictions on Use of Awards)

  1. Mile conversion, mileage accrual, award details and other matters related to Family Miles are described in the ANA Mileage Club Membership Agreement unless otherwise especially specified.
  2. ANA Mileage Club awards provided to Members registered for Family Miles only are valid only while Members reside in Japan.
  3. ANA may terminate the Family Miles program or ANA Mileage Club. In the event of termination, use of the Family Miles service, ANA Mileage Club mileage accrual and use of awards will also cease simultaneously, except as otherwise stipulated.

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