Physical checkups are a helpful way to ensure the early detection of many different illnesses. Our concierge service connects customers to the physical checkup facilities that will best meet their needs, and helps them choose a checkup plan. We are affiliated with a number of excellent checkup facilities throughout Japan. After asking the customer for their preferred location, examination plan, fee and date & time, we recommend an appropriate facility to the customer and make a reservation on their behalf. We offer standard services such as physicals checkups (day or overnight), brain checkups, and PET scans, as well as additional options including MRIs, CAT scans, and gynecological services such as mammograms and uterine cancer checkups. Our service supports customers throughout the entire process of booking a checkup, from providing counseling beforehand to helping with checkup application procedures, which can often be difficult and time-consuming when done on one's own. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our service and to make a reservation.

Mileage Accrual

Between 200 to 3,000 miles each time you use an eligible facility (over 100 facilities available). Mile accrual rates vary across facilities.

  • *See here for details regarding facilities eligible for mileage accrual. (Text is available in Japanese only.)

Mileage Accrual Eligibility

Use of facilities with mileage accrual eligibility (over 100 available)

  • *See here for details. (Text is available in Japanese only.)

How to Accrue Miles

ANA Mileage Club members who apply for a physical checkup via the MEDICAL Miles service desk and have their checkup done at an eligible facility (over 100 available).

Check the eligible facilities on the MEDICAL Miles website and call the MEDICAL Miles service desk to apply for an examination or checkup.

Mileage Accrual Date

Approximately 1-2 months will be required for the miles to be credited to the mileage balance.

Retroactive Mileage Registration

Retroactive mileage registration is not permitted.


  • Service is available in Japanese only.
  • Mileage will only be accrued if the physical checkup was applied for through the MEDICAL Miles service desk and takes place at one of the eligible facilities listed on their website.
  • Applications for checkups submitted prior to the application period will not be eligible for mileage accrual.
  • You may not be able to earn miles in conjunction with other services.
  • Since partner companies are responsible for the medical checkups, tests, and other ancillary services that they provide, ANA will not bear any responsibility for trouble encountered or damage incurred while using a partner company's service (including any disadvantages suffered such as emotional distress and financial loss).

Contact Information

MEDICAL Miles Service Desk, Wellness Medical Information Center Co., Ltd.


Telephone 03-6706-7375

Monday to Friday: 09:30-17:30 (JST)

(Not available on weekends, national holidays, the year-end/New Year holiday period, and August 12-16.)

Website (Desktop Version) (Text is available in Japanese only.)