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ANA Mileage Mall

Information regarding ANA Mileage Mall, where you can earn miles by online shopping.

ANA Mileage Mall

What is ANA Mileage Mall?

At ANA Mileage Mall, members select from the services offered by the listed partner sites and earn miles by using them. This service is available to anyone who is an ANA Mileage Club Member.

Frequently Asked Questions

See here for information on ANA Mileage Club enrollment.


ANA Mileage Mall usage example

ANA Mileage Mall usage example

Save more miles! Examples of mileage accrual

 When spending ¥10,000 using an ANA Card at Takashimaya Online Shopping

ANA Mileage Mall
¥100 = 1 mile
ANA Card usage amount 
100 Miles Points issued by the credit card company
100 miles
ANA Card Mile Plus
100 miles

Total 300 miles!

 When spending ¥10,000 using an ANA Card at Rakuten Ichiba

ANA Mileage Mall
¥200 = 1 mile
ANA Card usage amount  Rakuten Super Point
¥100 = 1 mile
50 Miles Points issued by the credit card company
100 miles
100 points

Total 150 miles! + Rakuten Super Point 100 points!

Advantages of ANA Mileage Mall

Earn miles at ANA Mileage Mall!
You can earn miles when you shop, use the service, or register your membership over the Internet if you use ANA Mileage Mall.
Earn extra miles by using your ANA Card and Edy!
When you pay for purchases at ANA Mileage Mall with an ANA Card (*1) or Edy Card (*2), you can earn extra miles in addition to the normally accrued miles.
  1. *1 Credit card company points can be transferred into miles (Conversion: ¥100 = 1 mile)*
    *The number of miles you earn may vary depending on the credit card company and how you use your card.
    *Specific procedures are necessary when transferring points. Except in certain cases, annual transfer fees
    are also required.
    There is no charge for the Wide Gold Card, ANA Diners Card, and ANA JCB Card<Students>.
    *Usage by family members will be combined into the principal member`s account.
    *The transfer units and transfer period may differ depending on each credit card company.
  2. *2 Earn 1 mile for every ¥200 spent when paying with your Edy Card!
    *Some products are not eligible for mileage accrual.
Earn more miles by participating in special campaigns!
ANA Mileage Mall is holding a special campaign to offer double mile and special miles.
Earn points at partner sites.
Earn points simultaneously for partner sites that offer their own point systems.

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How to use ANA Mileage Mall

STEP1 First, go to ANA Mileage Mall.
STEP1 First, access ANA Mileage Mall. You are required to login in order to earn points. If you have not logged in, the login form is displayed before jumping to partner sites.

For customers not yet enrolled in the ANA Mileage Club, please complete your enrollment here.

STEP2 Search for your favorite shop (partner site)
STEP2 Individual partner sites offer a wide variety of services including product sales, membership registration, and new accounts. Find your favorite shop!
STEP3 When you find a shop you like, use the "To partner site" button to jump to it.
STEP3 Please check the mileage calculation rules (whether applicable items are available, general mileage accrual dates, and other important information) for partner sites on the same page before using the "To partner site" button to jump to a partner site.

*If you have not logged in, the login form appears when the "To partner site" button is clicked.
*After that, you will be able to access partner sites.
STEP4 Using services at partner sites
STEP4 After accessing a partner site and using services (purchasing products, registering, opening an account, etc.), your miles will be automatically accrued 2 - 4 months after your usage has been confirmed.

*You can confirm mileage accrual by checking your monthly account activity in the mileage account balance window.

*Please check the partner site (shop) introduction page for mileage calculation rules and accrual dates.
*Although mileage accrual may not be specifically mentioned on partner sites, please be assured that your mileage will always be accrued.
*If you accidentally close your browser after accessing a partner site, please access the site via ANA Mileage Mall to use the service again.

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