ANA Business Jet

Change your business style and
appreciate the value of time with our new travel option.
Choose our business jet service to make every second of every minute count.

[The Value of ANA Business Jet]

  • (1) Time efficiency
  • (2) Flexible Schedule
  • (3) Private Space
  • (4) Trust and Safety provided by ANA Group

Required Mileage and Eligible Products

Redeem 100,000 miles for a JPY 100,000 coupon (e-gift card) that can be used for a charter flight provided by ANA Business Jet.

  • * Miles from the following mileage account groups can be used to redeem coupons.
  • Group 1 : Miles
  • Group 2 : Miles (Time limited)
  • Group 3 : Miles (Time and usage limited)

Expiration Dates

On the last day of the month, 12 months from the month after the month of issue.

(For example: Coupons issued on April 2 will expire on April 30 of the following year.)

  • * Coupons that have exceeded their expiration dates will no longer be valid.

How to Use This Service


  • Reserve an ANA Business Jet charter flight

  • Request a coupon (e-gift card) from the ANA website

  • Go to My Menu on the ANA website, and confirm the voucher code on the voucher (e-Gift Card) number retrieval screen.

  • Give your coupon code to ANA Business Jet over the phone or via email

  • If the amount to be paid exceeds the face value of the coupon (e-gift card), please pay the difference with cash or a credit card.

  • * Coupons (e-gift cards) cannot be used after payment is complete.
  • * Several coupons (e-gift cards) (up to 10) can be used on a single itinerary.

How to Make a Reservation

Please contact ANA Business Jet by phone or email.

ANA Business Jet

+81-3-3503-8110 (Business hours: Monday to Friday 09:30-17:00 (JST))

Not available on weekends, national holidays, or the year-end/New-Year holiday period


  • If the amount to be paid exceeds the face value of the coupon (e-gift card), the difference may be paid with cash or a credit card.
  • Coupons (e-gift cards) can only be used by the passengers issuing them.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts or coupons (e-gift cards).
  • If the face value of the coupon (e-gift card) exceeds the amount to be paid, change will not be given.
  • After a coupon (e-gift card) request has been submitted, it cannot be canceled and miles cannot be refunded.
  • Coupons (e-gift cards) are only available for those who have a direct contract with ANA Business Jet.
  • Any cancellation fees incurred will be calculated based on the purchase amount including the coupon (e-gift card) amount.