Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport) General Parking Discount Vouchers

Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport) General Parking Discount Vouchers
Parking reservations can also be made online.

Required Mileage and Eligible Products

10,000 miles can be used to redeem a set of general parking discount vouchers worth JPY 10,000 (JPY 2,500 voucher × 4) for Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport).

Expiration Date

On the last day of the month, 6 months from the month after the month of issue.
(For example: Coupons issued on April 2 will expire on October 31.)

  • *Vouchers which have exceeded their expiration dates will no longer be valid.

How to Use

Process up to Using Vouchers

  • The parking discount vouchers are delivered to you.

  • Park your vehicle at one of Osaka International Airport's general parking lots.

  • Use the prepay machine / fee adjustment machine at the exit to adjust your parking fee.

  • *The vouchers/coupons and service guide will be delivered to the ANA Mileage Club member's address approximately 2-3 weeks after the submission of the request.
    Delivery may require 3-4 weeks during the longer national holiday periods in Japan, including the year-end/New Year and Golden Week holidays.
    Please allow sufficient time for delivery.

Eligible Locations

Osaka International Airport's general parking lots

For further details about Osaka International Airport's general parking lots, please see the homepage below.

[Homepage for Osaka International Airport's Parking Lots]

[Telephone Number]

06-6856-7300 (Available 24 hours a day)


  • Terms and conditions apply to voucher usage. Please read and confirm the details written in the service guide that is delivered with the vouchers.
  • If the amount to be paid exceeds the face value of the vouchers, the difference may be paid with cash or credit card.
  • The amount that is paid with vouchers is not eligible for mileage accrual. However, if you use an ANA Card to pay for the amount of the parking fee that exceeds the voucher's value, you can redeem the resulting credit card points for miles and even earn 1 mile for every JPY 100 (including tax) paid with the ANA Card. Please see the below for further details.
  • If the value of the vouchers exceeds the amount due, no change will be given. We therefore request that you use the vouchers to pay for fees that are greater than or equal to the value of the vouchers.
  • Normal passenger vehicles (with a total length less than 6 m) can be parked. It is not possible to park vehicles that are 2.1 m or greater in height and/or 2.2 m or greater in width.
  • You may not be able to park your vehicle in a parking lot if they are all full.
  • Parking discount vouchers cannot be refunded, exchanged or reissued before or after their expiration date.
  • The expiration date is printed on the parking discount voucher. Parking discount vouchers will become invalid after their expiration date.
  • Parking discount vouchers will be invalidated if any information that is indicated on them is altered.
  • Multiple parking discount vouchers can be used for a single payment. After inserting the parking ticket inside the prepay machine / fee adjustment machine at the exit, please insert each parking discount voucher into the machine individually.
  • Since parking discount vouchers have serial numbers for identification purposes and are not for sale, their resale is not permitted.
  • Before using a parking discount voucher, please write your full name and 10-digit ANA Mileage Club number on it.

(Text is available in Japanese only.)