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Changemakers addressing various world issues.

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Program Period : 5 September 2016 (Mon) - March 31, 2018 (Sat) (Japan Standard Time) *Period extended.

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  • Josh NesbitConnecting farming villages and cities via mobile phones and revolutionizing the medical field. The aim is to improve the medical environment of 1 Million people by 2020.
  • Alasdair HarrisOffering training and support for the autonomy of seaside communities by recreating micro-size fisheries and preserving marine resources.
  • Mel YoungUsing soccer games to connect people to social integration, alcoholism recovery and other programs. Participants each year number 100,000 people, across 74 years. The goal is to reach 10 Million people.
  • Elizabeth HauslerThe aim is for all people in developing countries to be living in earthquake-resistant homes. In addition to safe buildings, improving the architectural knowledge of local technicians and artisans.
  • Jack SimWhile access to, and hygiene of, toilets is largely assured in developed countries, in developing countries, not only is there a lack of public toilets, but also many homes do not have access to toilets. Working to spread access to toilets to improve public health.
  • Shivani SiroyaDeveloped a system using mobile phones to measure credit scores, making it possible for people around the world to gain access to micro-credit loans. Empowering under-privileged people financially through access to loans.
  • Ashoka JapanIn order to develop Changemakers able to address social issues in Japan, Ashoka Japan is offering models of change-making to corporations, as well as “en environment for experimentation” to young people.
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Program Period

5 September 2016 (Mon) - March 31, 2018 (Sat) (Japan Standard Time) *Period extended.

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Accepting support from 3,000 miles (3,000JPY) upwards

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