Earn Miles by Using Miles!? Redeem Miles for Points Purchases on ANA Mileage Mall Can Earn Even More Miles!
(Text is available in Japanese only.)

10,000 miles can be used to redeem 10,000 Rakuten Super Points.

* Service is available in Japanese only.


Customers who are Rakuten members.
For details regarding Rakuten Super Points, please refer to the Rakuten Super Points website.

(Text is available in Japanese only.)

How to Apply

Click the Redeem Rakuten Super Points button to proceed.

  • *Login is required for application.


  • Service is available in Japanese only.
  • After 3 redemptions (i.e., 30,000 miles) for Rakuten Super Points have been completed in a single year (from April 1 until the following March 31), a redemption rate of 10,000 miles=5,000 points will apply to all subsequent Rakuten Super Points redemptions during that year. For more information, please refer to [Partner Points] Redemption rate from 30,000 miles onward.
  • Redemption rates are subject to change.
  • When applying, please make sure that the customer name displayed after logging in matches the name of the Rakuten member.
  • Redeemed Rakuten Super Points will be available for use approximately 7-10 days after application.
  • Applications will be invalidated if there are any issues with the Rakuten member information (for example, the member number does not exist).
    The deducted miles will then be returned after approximately 1-2 weeks. (Customers will not be individually contacted.) Please note that miles which have expired at the time of refund processing cannot be refunded.
  • If you have canceled your Rakuten membership at the time of the Rakuten Super Points redemption application, the redemption will not be processed.
  • After an application is submitted, the redemption cannot be canceled and points cannot be refunded back into your mileage account as miles. Please redeem partner company points or benefits after confirming the relevant terms and conditions.
  • You can apply for this benefit from the Members-only Features on the ANA website.


Rakuten Super Points