Domestic Travel Product Purchases

Eligible Products


Dynamic Package Tours

  • ANA Mileage Club Member Tours
  • Web-exclusive Tours

Domestic travel products sold through the ANA website

  • ANA Sky Holiday (Domestic Package Tours)
  • ANA Dynamic Package Tours - Tabisaku (Flight + Accommodation)
  • ANA Mileage Club Member-exclusive Tours
  • Web-exclusive Tours
  • *Hotels, car rentals, and travel options are not eligible.


How to Make a Reservation

Please make reservations through the ANA website.

Reservations through the ANA Website

Customers can search for domestic tours as well as make reservations.

  • *This type of reservation cannot be made through ANA Reservation and Customer Service Centers by telephone or at regular travel agencies.


Customers who want to use ANA SKY COINS to purchase tours must redeem those ANA SKY COINS before making the reservation.

ANA SKY COINS can be used in units of JPY 10.
If there are any price differences, please pay the balance via a credit card, bank transfer, convenience store payment, ANA Gift Cards, or ANA Travel Vouchers.

  • *ANA SKY COINS can be used on Japan domestic travel products if the travel representative is the ANA Mileage Club member who owns them, or a family member within 2 degrees of kinship who has been registered as an award user. The person requesting the travel product (the representative) must make the reservation. Click here for details. (Text is available in Japanese only.)
  • *Cannot be used in conjunction with ANA Value Vouchers.
  • *ANA SKY COINS can only be used for lump sum payments. (They cannot be used for payment of application fees, outstanding balances, etc.)
  • *ANA SKY COINS cannot be used if the reservation is waitlisted upon completion.
    However, when a reservation is secured, the ANA SKY COINS which are valid at that time can be used. Please contact ANA Traveler's Domestic Tour Services Desk by telephone before the payment deadline indicated in the reservation confirmation email.
  • *Can be used with other discounts such as ANA Card discounts and Shareholder Courtesy Discounts.
  • *For each reservation, only 1 logged in ANA Mileage Club member can use ANA SKY COINS. (In other words, multiple ANA Mileage Club members cannot combine their respective ANA SKY COIN balance.)

Reservation Changes

Each purchased ticket is subject to their respective fare rules. ANA SKY COINS cannot be used toward additional fees which are related to reservation changes.

  • *The handling of reservations will be in accordance with the travel terms and conditions.


ANA SKY COINS which have not expired at the time of the cancellation request will be refunded.

  • *If the customer requests the cancellation based on their own reasons or if their flight is cancelled due to bad weather (reasons beyond ANA's control), any ANA SKY COINS which have expired at the time of the refund request will not be refunded.
  • *If a tour is canceled due to a flight cancellation that was caused by equipment malfunctions, all ANA SKY COINS that were used for payment will be refunded.
  • *The ANA SKY COINS used for the purchase will be prioritized when deducting any applicable refund and cancellation charges.


Receipts can be requested through the ANA Sky Web Tour website or by telephone.

  • *Receipts cannot be issued by airport self-service check-in machines or the ANA website's Online Receipt Service.
    Please note as procedures differ from those for flight ticket purchases.

About Mileage Accrual

Customers who purchase tickets with ANA SKY COINS can earn the designated amount of miles and ANA Premium Points from their flights.

Contact Information

How to Reserve a Travel Product (Tabisaku, Tour, etc.)

ANA Traveler's Domestic Tour Services Desk


(When calling from IP phones: 050-3819-9217)

09:30-19:00 (weekdays) / 09:30-18:00 (weekends/national holidays) (JST; Not available during the period from December 31 to January 3)