Service Information (IBEX Airlines operated flights)

Procedures and services at airports for code share flights are different depending on the flight. When using a code share flight, please note the following.

  • ANA's conditions of carriage is applied to all codeshare flights.


Check-in at the ANA counter. (For connection to international flights, check-in at the International Flight Connection Counter.)

Reserve seat

Same as ANA operated flights.

Confirmation of flight number

The ANA (NH) flight number is printed on the boarding pass.Indications on the guideboard in the airport are given with both the ANA/IBX flight numbers.

Minimum connecting time at airport

Same as ANA operated flights.

Baggage (Carry-on baggage)

Carry-on baggage conditions
A passenger can carry only one piece of baggage satisfying the following conditions into the aircraft cabin due to aircraft characteristics.
Number of items --- One item other than your personal belongings such as handbag and umbrella
Weight --- 10 kg or less
Size --- The total of length, width and depth is 100 cm or less. 45 cm x 35 cm x 20 cm or less

However, it is limited to items that can be stored safely in the compartment or under the seat in front of you.


ANA Premium members, ANA Card Premium members, and customers with Star Alliance Gold status may access the ANA Lounge if they are boarding a flight that has an ANA flight number. Please proceed to the reception area and present your Premium status card, as well as either your 2D barcode boarding pass or the relevant IC card/mobile device with IC functionality.

Cabin attendants

Only IBEX Airlines cabin attendants are on board.

In-flight services

No in-flight purchase and in-flight audio service is available.We offer ANA in-flight magazine, Tsubasa no Okoku.Service standards of IBEX Airlines shall apply.

No smoking / Smoking

All seats are no smoking.

Mileage Premium Point accrual

This service only applies to flights with ANA flight numbers.Accruing miles and using awards are available for members other than ANA Mileage Club.

For disabled customers

If you fall under any of the following categories, please contact the "ANA Disability Desk" after your reservation. (Depending on the condition, IBEX Airlines flights might not be available.)

  • Customers who are severely ill, who cannot walk alone, who use electric wheel chairs, who are completely blind (boarding alone), or who use medical oxygen tanks.