How to set up your browser to display PDF timetables correctly

PDF timetables may not display correctly when using Firefox version 19 and above and Google Chrome.
Follow the relevant procedure below to change your settings and view PDF timetables.

Set up Firefox

1. From the "Menu" option, select "Tools", then select "Options"

  • Set up Firefox — method 1

2. Change the method for handling PDF documents from "Display Preview in Firefox" to "Use Adobe Reader"

  • Set up Firefox — method 2

Set up Google Chrome

1. Click the top right button on the browser ("Google Chrome Settings"), then select "Settings"

  • Set up Google Chrome — method 1

2. Select "Content settings" from the "Settings" menu
* If this option is not displayed, click "Show advanced settings" at the bottom of the page to display advanced settings.

  • Set up Google Chrome — method 2

3. From the "Content settings" menu, select "Disable individual plug-ins"

  • Set up Google Chrome — method 3

4. Click "Disable" for Chrome PDF Viewer or "Enable" for Adobe Reader

  • Set up Google Chrome — method 4