Airport Access: Keisei Skyliner Reservations

Airport Access makes it easy to book SKYLINER tickets! Save your money & time!

Service Overview

After reserving your ANA flight tickets, you can now reserve and purchase tickets directly from the Airport Access*1 search results for the Keisei Skyliner, a rapid train service connecting downtown Tokyo with Narita Airport. This provides a seamless experience from reserving your flight tickets on the ANA website right up to searching for route options and purchasing tickets for travel to/from the airport. By reserving and purchasing your tickets seamlessly through Airport Access, you'll also get a discount of JPY 270 (child: JPY 140) on the standard Skyliner ticket price.

  • *1.This service offers a seamless travel experience by integrating up-to-date flight status information and location information such as the terminal, boarding gate and security checkpoint with transit planner search services to provide you with comprehensive route information for your entire journey. This covers getting to the departure airport and onto your flight, as well as traveling onward to your final destination after disembarkation. After reserving your ANA flight tickets, go to the Reservation Details screen on the ANA website or the Reservations screen on the official ANA app, and then go to the Airport Access page. Enter your start point and destination, and search how to get to the airport.
  • The reservation and purchase will be made via the Keisei Electric Railway website.

Terms of Use

Eligible Flights

Flights departing from and arriving at Narita Airport

Ticket Price, Reservation and Payment

Ticket Price

Between Narita Airport Terminal 1 / Narita Airport Terminal 2 & 3 and Nippori / Keisei Ueno


JPY 2,300 (JPY 270 discount on standard price)


JPY 1,150 (JPY 140 discount on standard price)

  • *1.For passengers aged 6-11 and those aged 12 still at elementary school.
  • The above price includes the limited express ticket and train ticket.

Reservation and Payment Methods

Move from Airport Access to the dedicated Keisei Electric Railway Skyliner e-ticket website, and purchase your tickets by credit card or another permitted payment method.

Ticket Pick-up Counters

  • Skyliner & Keisei Information Center within Narita Airport Terminal 1 Station or Narita Airport Terminal 2 & 3 Station
  • Skyliner Ticket Counter within Narita Airport Terminal 1 Station, Narita Airport Terminal 2 & 3 Station, Nippori Station or Keisei Ueno Station
  • Keisei Electric Railway Ticket Sales Counter, 1F Narita Airport Terminal 1
  • You can only pick up one-way tickets at Nippori Station and Keisei Ueno Station.

How to Use This Service

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1.Using Airport Access from the View Reservation Screen for ANA Flight Tickets


View Reservation Screen for Flight Tickets

Select Airport Access from the My Booking Screen on the official ANA app. Search for your travel route to (from) Narita Airport.

  • You can also do this from the View Reservation screen on the ANA website.


Airport Access Search Results

Go to the Keisei Electric Railway website using the button with the Skyliner reservations link displayed with the search results.

  • Available when searching for travel routes for flight departures and arrivals.


Keisei Electric Railway Website

Please see "2. Keisei Electric Railway Website" for details on the procedures for reserving tickets on the Keisei Electric Railway website.

2.Keisei Electric Railway Website


Move from Airport Access to the dedicated Keisei Electric Railway Skyliner e-ticket website, and enter the required information such as the type of ticket, number of people traveling, and the travel date.


Click on the URL in the email sent during Step 1, and select your payment method from those displayed. After making your payment, you will be issued with a ticket exchange number and a QR code.


Please present the ticket exchange number and QR code received in Step 2 at a designated ticket pick-up counter to receive your tickets.
You can pick up your ticket with either the ticket pick-up number or QR code.


You can select your preferred train time and seat for the Skyliner upon receiving your ticket (depending on seat availability).
Please use the ticket you receive to pass through the automatic ticket gates and then board the Skyliner.

Points to Note

  • Skyliner tickets are available for purchase from 30 days prior to the travel date.
  • The discount on this page will not apply if you do not reserve your Skyliner tickets via Airport Access.
    It is not possible to apply the discount retroactively after reservation for any reason.
  • Skyliner tickets purchased via this website do not include a train and seat reservation.
    You must go to a ticket pick-up counter on the day you wish to board the train and reserve your preferred train and seat upon picking up your ticket.
  • You can only purchase a round-trip ticket when boarding a train at either Narita Airport Terminal 2 & 3 Station or Narita Airport Terminal 1 Station for your outbound journey.
  • If you purchase a round-trip ticket, please go to Narita Airport Terminal 2 & 3 Station or Narita Airport Terminal 1 Station to receive your ticket. You will not be able to receive your ticket at Keisei Ueno or Nippori stations.
  • Please leave plenty of time to pick up your tickets as the counters may get crowded close to Skyliner departure times.
  • Please see the Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd. homepage for further details on the Skyliner service.
  • For other types of usage, please see the Keisei Electric Railway Conditions of Carriage.