Do everything from searching routes to reserving tickets with our new journey finder!
This service provides information on the best possible ANA flights and ground transport routes for your schedule. (Available for travel in Japan only.)
You can also book dynamic package tours  (Flight + Accommodation) from the route search results screen.

STEP1:Simply enter your departure location/destination (e.g., nearest station), arrival time and other search conditions. STEP2:Check the shortest/cheapest route to your destination and seat availability for ANA flights. STEP3:Reserve your flight ticket immediately! (Example)I need to get to my hotel by 3 p.m. Looks like I should leave the house by 9 and take ANA Flight 23... Check the transportation/route and reserve your flight ticket!

Please see How to Use ANA SORATABI for further details.

  • This service is a new Airport Access function that is also available to customers who are considering reserving a flight ticket.
  • Please use Airport Access after reserving a flight ticket through ANA SORATABI or if you already have a reservation.
    With Airport Access, you can search how to get to/from the airport and reserve ground transportation tickets. (Mileage partnerships also in place.) 

Click Here to Search for Routes and to Reserve a Flight Ticket