AMC Companion Fare

A discount for group travel for two to four persons including the ANA Mileage Club member!

*A Passenger Facility Charge (Applicable for designated airports only) will be added to the fare.
* The availability of this fare is limited on each flight.


Applicable to groups of 2 to 4 passengers that include an ANA Mileage Club (AMC) member. When the entire group flies on the same flight and on the same round-trip route, the AMC member can use 10,000 miles, and the members of their group may pay JPY 19,400-36,600 each for the journey.
Please make your reservations and purchases through the ANA website (PC or smartphone site).
・Only one AMC member can purchase the ticket with their accumulated miles.
・ANA Card Family Miles cannot be used for this booking.
・If the AMC member or all other members of the group do not make the journey, this fare will not be valid.
・This fare cannot be used during certain periods.

Reservations and Purchasing via ANA Website

After logging into the ANA Mileage Club top page, click on Domestic Award Flights and make a reservation from AMC Companion Fares.
Payment should be made by one of the following methods: 1) By credit card, 2) At a convenience store (Seven-Eleven, LAWSON, MINISTOP, FamilyMart), or 3) Using Pay-easy at a designated financial institution's ATM.
Please see Reservation & Payment Methods for further details.

Reservation and Purchasing Period

From the sales date designated by ANA (sales date for each seasonal flight schedule) until the day prior to departure.
*Waitlisting is not available.

Payment Deadline

The day the reservation is made.


Flight ticket name changes and reservation changes are not permitted. It is also not possible to change to a different flight on the day of departure at the airport, even if there are seats available.

<Changing to Premium Class>

Passengers can change to Premium Class for an additional fee at the airport on the departure date if Premium Class seats are available.

Please see the links below for the fees. (Same-day Upgrade Fee applies.)

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ANA Mileage Club members can make an upgrade reservation on the departure date. Please see here for further details.


For refunds of accompanying passengers' tickets prior to departure, please contact the ANA Mileage Club Center.
Charge (Refund charge and Cancellation charge) will be applied.
Refunds will not be given for cancellations after the departure time.
The redeemed mileage cannot be refunded.
In case of cancellation by the AMC member or cancellation of all travel companions except the AMC member, all tickets for the entire group must be cancelled.


75% (only for the companions accompanying the AMC member)


All tickets for the group, including the AMC member, must be reserved and purchased at the same time.
(Additional companions may not be accepted after ticket purchase)
There are no discounts for children.

【Boarding Procedures】
Complete the boarding procedures for you and accompanying passengers at once at a self-service check-in machine or an airport counter. (SKiP Service is not available).