Caregiver's Fare

Available to those providing care to family members living in other places.
Please note that fares may vary by departure date.
Peak Period : December 1, 2019 to January 5, 2020, March 1 to March 31, 2020, July 1 to August 31, 2020, December 1, 2020 to January 3, 2021, March 1 to March 27, 2021
Normal Period : Times other than the above

* A Passenger Facility Charge (Applicable for designated airports only) will be added to the fare.
* The availability of this fare is limited on each flight .


Applicable to a caregiver (12 years of age and older) who must travel between two locations in order to provide care for a relative (within two degrees of kinship, such as grandparents, grandchildren, siblings etc.) who needs care or is certified as requiring long-term care. See here for details.

* ANA Mileage Club card with registered status of Caregiver's Fare must be presented during purchase and check in, otherwise the discount will not be applied. Enter your mileage number when booking online.

* The Caregiver's Fare system has changed.
[From September 26, 2018]
If fares are on sale for the departure date, reservation and purchase is available regardless of the Caregiver's Fare information validity period.
However, you will be unable to board the flight if the Caregiver's Fare information expires before departure.
If this information has expired, please make sure to renew it by the departure date.
Guide to Caregiver's Fare Information Registration [Registration Procedure]
Guide to Caregiver's Fare Information Registration [Update Procedure]

* Limited to a specific route*1 between the airport nearest to the caregiver and the airport nearest to the person who needs care.
*1 Refer to the Additional Information column for specific examples.

Reservation and Purchasing Period

From 09:30 (JST) 355 days prior to the departure date up to the departure date itself.

Payment Deadline

Date of Reservation Payment Deadline
3 or more days prior to the boarding date Within 3 days including the date of reservation
Within 2 days prior to the boarding date 20 minutes prior to departure

* When reserving multiple flights which have different payment deadlines, the earliest payment deadline will be applied to the entire reservation.

Validity Period

Tickets are valid for 1 year (up and including the same date as that of ticket issue one year later) days from their date of issue (date of purchase*2). Reserved tickets are valid only for the concerned flight, so if they are not changed or cancelled prior to the departure of the concerned flight, they may not be used for any other flights.
*2 For tickets purchased at convenient stores, the date of purchase is the date on which payment is actually received.


Reservation changes for the same sector are permitted before the departure date. However, the name of the passenger, the segment, and the airline to be used cannot be changed.
Refer to this information regarding destination airport changes for routes departing from and arriving at Tokyo, Osaka, the Northern Kyushu region (Fukuoka/Kitakyushu/Saga), and Hiroshima/Iwakuni.
Fare adjustment is required when the fare of the purchased ticket and that of the actual flight differs.

<Changing to Premium Class>

Passengers can change to Premium Class for an additional fee at the airport on the departure date if Premium Class seats are available.

Please see the links below for the fees. (Same-day Upgrade Fee applies.)

ANA Mileage Club members can make an upgrade reservation on the departure date. Please see here for further details.


Refunds can be applied for up until 30 days after the flight ticket's expiration.
Charge (Refund charge and Cancellation charge) will be applied.




If there are no direct flights between the departure and arrival airports, select up to two airports as connecting airports (however, sectors cannot include travel on trains or other airlines).
Please make the journey within a day or with the shortest possible time.
Passengers who have registered their status as caregivers into their ANA Mileage Club cards must re-register if their customer number changes.

Reservations and Purchasing via ANA Website

Only available via the Japanese website. Please contact the ANA Reservation and Information Center.