Premium Shareholder's Benefit Discount/Premium Shareholder's Benefit Discount (Child)

Please note that fares may vary by departure date.
Peak Period : December 1, 2019 to January 5, 2020, March 1 to March 31, 2020, July 1 to August 31, 2020, December 1, 2020 to January 3, 2021, March 1 to March 27, 2021
Normal Period : Times other than the above

*A Passenger Facility Charge (Applicable for designated airports only) will be added to the fare.


[Premium Shareholder's Benefit Discount]
Applicable to passengers 12 years of age and older flying in Premium Class seats.
[Premium Shareholder's Benefit Discount (Child)]
Applicable to passengers aged 3 to 11 years old flying in Premium Class seats.

Discounts for passengers with Information on Shareholder's Benefit Number.One benefit number is valid for one sector of Premium Shareholder's Benefit Discount for one person.
* ANA marketing flights operated by ANA codeshare partners are also available.
* Cannot be used in conjunction with other discount fares.

Reservation and Purchasing Period

From 09:30 (JST) 355 days prior to the departure date up to the departure date itself.

Limits on number of seats available for sale

Limits will be placed on the number of seats available for sale throughout the year based on the anticipated level of demand for flights.

Validity of Benefit Number

Information on Shareholder's Benefit Number :June 1 to May 31 of the following year (1 year)or December 1 to November 30 of the following year (1 year)
* Please use benefit numbers printed on Information on Shareholder's Benefit Number for flights during their validity periods.

Payment Deadline

Date of Reservation Payment Deadline
3 or more days prior to the boarding date Within 3 days including the date of reservation
Within 2 days prior to the boarding date 20 minutes prior to departure

* When reserving multiple flights which have different payment deadlines, the earliest payment deadline will be applied to the entire reservation.

Registration of Benefit Number

At the time or after you purchase, please scratch off a consealed area and register both [1]Shareholder's benefit number and [2]password.Information on Shareholder's Benefit Number will not be collected. Please keep it until your travel ends.

【How to register online (ANA web site)】
At the time or after you purchase, please enter both [1]Shareholder's benefit number and [2]password.

【How to register at ANA Reservation and Information Center or ANA airport counter】
At the time or after you purchase, please inform both [1]Shareholder's benefit number and [2]password.
*If purchasing tickets at ANA airport counters, please register upon purchase.

【How to register at travel agents】
At the time of your purchase, please inform both [1]Shareholder's benefit number and [2]password.

【How to register on Self Service Check-in machine】
please see "How to operate Self Service Check-in machine ".

Validity Period

Tickets are valid for 1 year (up and including the same date as that of ticket issue one year later) from their date of issue (date of purchase*). Reserved tickets are valid only for the concerned flight, so if they are not changed or cancelled prior to the departure of the concerned flight, they may not be used for any other flights.
* For tickets purchased at convenient stores, the date of purchase is the date on which payment is actually received.
Regardless of the ticket's date of issue, the boarding date must be within the validity period that is printed on Information on Shareholder's Benefit Number and the validity period of the ticket.


Reservation changes for the same sector within the validity period of benefit number are permitted before the departure date. However, the name of the passenger, the segment, and the airline to be used cannot be changed.
If making a change outside of the validity period of benefit number,you must either present another benefit number that is valid for the new departure date or make payment to cover the difference in [Flex Fare]. See here for details.
Refer to this information regarding destination airport changes for routes departing from and arriving at Tokyo, Osaka, the Northern Kyushu region (Fukuoka/Kitakyushu/Saga), and Hiroshima/Iwakuni.
Fare adjustment is required when the fare of the purchased ticket and that of the actual flight differs.
See here for the information regarding fare type changes.


Refunds can be applied for up until 30 days after the flight ticket's expiration.
Charge (Refund charge and Cancellation charge) will be applied.

Refund procedures can be conducted via ANA website, ANA Reservation and Information Center, ANA airport counter or travel agents.For refunds after the registration of benefit number, the number becomes available again if it is still within the validity period of the number ("Unused Coupon Certificate" will not be issued in this case).



Changing to Economy Class

Tickets may be changed to Economy Class without prior notice due to operational reasons (including aircraft changes, flight delays/cancellations).
For tickets that have already been purchased, the amount refunded will be the difference between the purchased fare and the Shareholder's Benefit Discount or the Shareholder's Benefit Discount (Child) for the relevant flight, and will be based on the ticket's fare basis date.

*Please note that when using Economy Class, the mileage accrual rate will be 75% and Boarding Points will be 400 points.

Reservations and Purchasing via ANA Website

When selecting [Premium Shareholder's Benefit Discount] for passengers aged 3 to 11 years old, [Premium Shareholder's Benefit Discount (Child)] will be applied automatically if the relevant conditions are met.
Only available via the Japanese website. Please contact the ANA Reservation and Information Center.