List of Fare Type Codes

If the code you are looking for is not in the tables, please contact ANA.

Fare Type Fare Type Code
Premium Flex Fare SP
Premium Flex Fare(Child) SPCH
Premium Disability Discount SPHF
Premium Basic A Fare PTWAA
Premium Basic B Fare PTWBB
Premium Value Fare PTTW28
Premium Shareholder's Benefit Discount SPSGK
Premium Shareholder's Benefit Discount(Child) SPSKCH
Flex Fare OW
Flex Child Fare CH
Disability Discount HF
Caregiver's Fare KT
Flex Roundtrip Fare WT
Flex Fare for ANA Card Holder BK
Basic 1 Fare (Basic 1A - 1N Fare) B01 (A~N)
Basic 3 Fare (Basic 3A - 3N Fare) B03 (A~N)
Flex Tickets for ANA@desk User BR
Fare Type Fare Type Code
Flex Fare for ANA@desk User BA
Senior Special B00SS
Youth Special B00SU
Shareholder's Benefit Discount SG50K
Shareholder's Benefit Discount(Child) SG5KCH
Islands Ticket NI
Transit Basic 7 Fare CSTW
Transit Basic Fare NCTW
Transit Value 28 Fare CTTW
Value 21 Fare (Value 21A - 21N Fare) V21 (A~N)
Value 28 Fare (Value 28A - 28N Fare) V28 (A~N)
Value 45 Fare (Value 45A - 45N Fare) V45 (A~N)
Value 55 Fare (Value 55A - 55N Fare) V55 (A~N)
Value 75 Fare (Value 75A - 75N Fare) V75 (A~N)
Value X Fare V99X
AMC Companion Fare IM

Fares Not Currently Set

Fare Type Fare Type Code
Tabiwari A TTWA
Tabiwari B TTWB
Super Tabiwari TTWEX
Chowari BX
Noritsugi i-Ticket MI/II
Tabiwari 28A TTWA
Fare Type Fare Type Code
Tabiwari 28B TTWB
Tabiwari 60 TTW60
Senior Sorawari OM
Sky Mates Discount Fare SM
Flex Fare for Tokyo-Osaka Shuttle ST