Payment by ANA SKY COINS[Japan Domestic Flights]

Payments can be made online immediately after exchanging miles for ANA SKY COINS.

Usage Guidelines

  • ・ANA SKY COINS may be used towards a reservation for the ANA Mileage Club member him/herself or member's immediate family and must be have completed Award User Registration.
  • Please convert miles to ANA SKY COINS before proceeding with ticket purchase. Immediately after the exchange, payments, in increments of 10 yen, can be made using the ANA's website or the ANA mobile site.For details about the required miles to exchange for ANA SKY COINS, please see ANA SKY COINS.
  • ANA SKY COINS cannot be used for Premium ANA Card Holder's Discount Fare ticket, ANA Card Holder's Discount Fare ticket and AMC Companion Fare ticket payments.
  • ・Eligibility is limited to code sharing flights with ANA flight numbers on AIR DO (ADO), IBEX Airlines (IBX), Solaseed Air (SNA), StarFlyer (SFJ) and Oriental Air Bridge (ORC).

1. Ticket reservations made at ANA Website

After making your reservation on the ANA website, select the Use area on the payment screen and enter the amount of ANA SKY COINS you wish to use.

For payment made other than by the passenger him/herself
When making a payment for a family member using ANA SKY COINS, please log in to the member whose miles were converted into ANA SKY COINS, find/verify the family's reservation and proceed to ticket purchase.

When ANA SKY COINS will not cover the entire amount
Credit card can be used to pay for the remaining balance after ANA SKY COINS have been used. (Cash payment is not accepted.)
The following credit cards are accepted.

Credit card companies' logos

2. On the Date of Departure

To board the plane, you must present your ANA Mileage Club card, or the confirmation number and the reservation number.Please have either of the information ready when arriving at the airport.
Please see the "SKiP Service" for details of the boarding process.

Payment by ANA SKY COINS

  • ◇ How to apply
    • ANA Website
  • ◇ Applicable period
    • Until the day of boarding
    • * Please note that the reservation period and ticket payment period may be restricted in some cases depending on fare types.
  • ◇ Changes/refund after payment
    • ・Changes/refunds can be processed at ANA by phone or online.
    • ・Changes/refunds are subject to respective their fare rules and regulations.
    • ・Price differentials resulting from changes to purchased tickets can only be paid by credit card.
    • ・If you refund or change your Japan domestic flight tickets purchased with ANA SKY COINS, ANA SKY COINS that have expired at the time of the refund or the change cannot be refunded. For reasons not attributable to the customer, please refer to Involuntary Refunds due to Irregularities beyond ANA's control (such as bad weather) or Involuntary Refunds due to ANA's responsibilities (such as aircraft maintenance). 
    • ・Refunds will be made in ANA SKY COINS.
    • Specified processing fees (refund fee and cancellation fee) will be charged for refund. ANA SKY COINS will be preferentially used to pay for those charges at the time of refunds.
    • ・Change or refund requests online can be made only by the primary member who has the ANA SKY COINS used for the payment.
  • ◇ Other
    • ・Changes to destination or airlines other than ANA flights are not allowed.