Payment at Seicomart[Japan Domestic Flights]

Issue a payment slip from the multimedia terminal (Club Station) in the convenience store and make your payment at the register.

  • *This payment option is only available through the Japanese ANA website.

How to Use this Service

1. Ticket reservations made at the ANA Website or ANA by phone

When making a reservation on the ANA website, click Convenience Store Payment as your payment method and then select Seicomart.

Print out the online transaction number (an 11-digit number) displayed on the screen or make a note of the number on your tablet or Smartphone, and take it with you to the store.

2. Payment Using the Store's Multimedia Terminal

Enter your number on the multimedia terminal to issue a payment slip, and take the slip to the register within 30 minutes to make your payment.Upon payment, you will be given the following: the regular receipt, the slip featuring your confirmation and reservation numbers, and the reservation information slip.

*Regardless of the validity period of the payment slip (within 30 minutes of issue), please ensure that you make your payment with a cashier before the ticket purchasing deadline.
*You will be issued a receipt upon payment at the convenience store.(It will not be issued by ANA.)
*Payments made by someone other than the passenger are also accepted.

■ Passengers Who Are Not ANA Mileage Club Members
A confirmation number (required at the time of boarding) is specified on the "receipt."Keep it safe until your departure date.
*Being able to board is contingent on your confirmation number, so please make sure to keep it safe.

3. On the Date of Departure

Your ANA Mileage Club Card or your confirmation number, and your reservation number will be required for boarding.Please prepare either of the above before arriving at the airport. For details of boarding procedures, please see "SKiP Service."

Payment at Seicomart

  • ◇Period of use
    • Until the day of boarding
    • *Please note that there may be a reservation deadline and ticket purchase period depending on the type of fare.
    • *Please complete the procedures as early as possible so that you can pass through security at least 20 minutes prior to the departure time.You may not be able to board your flight if you do not complete these procedures by the specified times.
  • ◇Unavailable model
    • The service is not available on PDA devices.
  • ◇Changes after Payment
    • Please contact the ANA Website or ANA by phone.
  • ◇Cancellation
    • ・Please contact the "Cancellation Function" at the ANA Website or ANA Telephone Service Window.The payment will be refunded to the specified account. (A bank transfer fee for refund, if any, is the customer's responsibility.)
    • Specified processing fees (refund fee and cancellation fee) will be charged for refund.
  • ◇Other
    • ・This service may not be available for some fares, such as Premium ANA Card Holder's Discount Fare, ANA Card Holder's Discount Fare and the AMC Companion Fare.
    • ・Payments of more than JPY 300,000 cannot be processed.