Instructions for using Pay-easy (Cash)

For instructions for using Pay-easy (Cash card), see here

Instructions for using Pay-easy (Cash)

  1. Select [Transfer Tax/Payment].
  2. Enter [Receiving Agency Number 58025], then press [Confirm].
  3. Enter the following details, then press [Confirm].
    Members: ANA Mileage Club membership number (10 digits)
    Non-Members: Confirmation number (9 digits)
  4. Enter the following details, then press [Confirm].
    Members: Departure date (4 digits)
    Non-Members: Reservation number (4 digits)
  5. Reservation information will be searched.
  6. Reservation details will be displayed.Please check the details, then click [Confirm].
  7. Select Cash.
  8. Insert money into the deposit box.
  9. Take transaction slip.
  10. Payment is complete (take change if necessary).


Please note that the following reservations cannot be processed.

  • As reservations cannot be changed on an in-store terminal, you should visit the store after completing this beforehand.
  • ・Reservations selected for another payment method
  • ・Reservations that include a wait-listing
  • ・Tour reservations