Payment by someone other than the passenger

It's very useful to arrange flight tickets for your family, or to give tickets as a gift to someone who lives far away.

There are various situations when it can be useful

  • Arranging a visit for someone who lives far away
  • Paying for another member of your family to go on vacation
  • Paying for all the members of a group, as the group leader (even when there are separate records, etc.)
  • Arranging tickets for attendees at events such as conferences and weddings (even when they are taking different flights)

Eligible payment methods

  • Credit card.When making payment, please enter your security code.
  • Convenience Stores
  • bank transfer
  • online funds transfer



Make Payment

Make a reservation online in the name of the passenger, and then make your payment using one of the following methods: Credit card, convenience store payment, bank transfer, or online funds transfer. Note down the "Reservation Number" and "Confirmation Number (9 digits)*" shown on the screen. 

  • The Confirmation Number may be printed on the receipt depending on the convenience store. If the passenger is an ANA Mileage Club member, however, it will not be shown on the receipt. 

Contact the Passenger

Give the Reservation Number and Confirmation Number (9 digits) to the person traveling. If the passenger is a member, tell them to take their ANA Mileage Club Card with them on the day.


On the Departure Date

Collect your boarding pass at a self-service check-in machine or check-in counter in the airport.


Board Flight

When boarding, touch the 2D barcode on your boarding pass over the reader.

Important notes about the confirmation number

The confirmation number (9 digits) serves as the authentication code when changing a booking or collecting/refunding flight tickets, so you should keep it safe. We will not be able to remind you of your confirmation number if you forget it. You will only be able to board if we are able to verify official documents at the airport counter on the day of departure.

Important notes about changes and refunds

Changes to your booking and cancellation before receipt of payment

In the cases listed below, online processing is not possible. Please contact the ANA Domestic Reservation and Customer Service Center or visit an ANA Domestic airport counter.

Cases in which it is not possible to change a booking or cancel before receipt of payment

  • You have selected Seven-Eleven
  • You have selected payment at a convenience store
    • Except when using certain multimedia terminals, including LAWSON or MINISTOP "Loppi" and FamilyMart "Famiport".
  • A bank transfer is in progress
  • An online funds transfer is in progress

Refund after receipt of payment

You can apply for a refund through the ANA Website by going to "Manage Reservations/Purchase" on the top page. A refund will be made to your specified account.
When arranging a refund, you will need the details of your reservation and authentication code (your confirmation number, the credit card you used when making the purchase, or your ANA Mileage Club Card).